Three Cities Benefiting From Biodiesel Cars and Trucks

April 14th, 2018 |  Biodiesel and Blog
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Low carbon and proven to produce fewer emissions than standard petroleum diesel, biodiesel is an alternative fuel option that’s seen consistent growth in popularity over the years. And that’s for good reason – it’s simple to use in virtually any modern diesel vehicle, it’s becoming widely available across the nation and its environmental impact is considerably less than traditional alternatives. Searching for real-deal evidence of the advantages of biodiesel? Look no further than three major U.S. metropolitan areas putting biodiesel, just like the fuels made by SeQuential, to work in their fleets.

New York City

As the most populous city in the nation, it’s no surprise that New York is home to the United States’ largest fleet of municipal vehicles, featuring approximately 30,000 vehicles as of late 2017. The city first began using biodiesel as far back as 2005, beginning with its Parks vehicles and eventually expanding to every city agency, including Police, Fire, Sanitation and more. Now, 17,000 of the fleet’s units are powered by alternative fuel sources, including biodiesel.

San Francisco

In December of 2015, the city of San Francisco proudly announced that its entire diesel fleet had ceased use of petroleum diesel in favor of renewable alternatives, making it the largest North American city to fully convert to alternative fuel sources. At the time of the change, the city’s massive fleet featured nearly 2,000 diesel vehicles, which consumed a grand total of roughly 5.8 million gallons of diesel fuel each year. Switching to a renewable formula was expected to substantially reduce both greenhouse and tailpipe emissions in the city.

Twin Cities

Summer 2017 saw the state of Minnesota announcing a significant leap in its standard for the biodiesel blend, jumping up to 20%. This means that the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area – the second largest in the Midwest – is now on the forefront of the clean fuel scene. Although the area is known for its frigid winters, which necessitate winter blends of B5 remaining available throughout the chilly months, all diesel sold in the state April through September will be a B20 blend beginning in 2019.

Discover the Benefits of Biodiesel Cars and Trucks

Delivering low carbon biodiesel to the Pacific Northwest for well over a decade, SeQuential is eager to help push the renewable fuel movement further than ever before. Contact us today to learn more about how biodiesel cars and trucks can help the nation thrive.