Three Ways Biodiesel Benefits the Environment

April 30th, 2018 |  Biodiesel and Blog
Flowers Behind Biodiesel Pump

Created from plant-based materials and refined with a clean, low-waste process, biodiesel offers more than its fair share of advantages over alternative fuel sources. In fact, SeQuential biodiesel has the lowest carbon footprint of any diesel alternative available on the West Coast. But why is biodiesel a top choice for a healthier planet? Consider these three simple reasons.

  1. Biodiesel helps minimize greenhouse gas emissions.

Greenhouse gas emissions are arguably the most well-known downside to the use of petroleum fuels, as they’ve been proven to contribute to the pressing issue of global warming. Fortunately, that’s one area where biodiesel clearly excels. In its purest form, known as B100, biodiesel has been proven to slash carbon dioxide emissions by as much as 74% in comparison to petroleum diesel, while our very own SeQuential biodiesel may decrease overall greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 76%.

  1. It’s recyclable, renewable and safe to make.

Accessing the world’s petroleum reserves involves the dangerous process of drilling into the earth’s crust, which can lead to a range of negative effects, from air pollution to disastrous spills. Biodiesel, on the other hand, is primarily made through the refinement of vegetable oils and similar materials,.  Many companies, like SeQuential, even make their biodiesel out of recycled vegetable oils, further reducing the carbon footprint of the fuel.

  1. Biodiesel is less toxic in the event of a spill.

Oil spills are known to be catastrophic, killing off marine life and jarring the local ecosystem for years on end. And while biodiesel spills should also be avoided with the utmost care, the plant-based material is less toxic than table salt. Plus, with a flashpoint of 130°C versus petroleum’s 52°C, biodiesel is significantly less likely to combust unexpectedly, reducing the overall environmental danger of the material even further.

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Beyond delivering an environmentally-conscious alternative to petroleum fuels, biodiesel features a range of additional advantages, from increased fuel lubricity to stimulating local economies. Interested in digging deeper into all that biodiesel has to offer? Contact SeQuential today for more information on biodiesel benefits, and explore our fuel map to see where you can find SeQuential biodiesel for your diesel vehicle.