Accounts Receivable Specialist

We are seeking a highly adaptable and resilient, detail-oriented, and eager-to-learn individual to join our Accounts Receivable Team at a mission-driven, medium sized but fast-growing company.

Location: Portland, OR corporate headquarters

Pay range: $18-20/ hour Depending on Experience


  • 40 hours per week, non-exempt with occasional overtime as workload fluctuates
  • General work hours 9am-5pm Monday-Friday, with some flexibility as long as tasks are covered
  • Opportunity to work from home one day per week

Company Description

We’re SeQuential. We collect used cooking oil, refine it into biodiesel and bioproducts, and then refuel our communities.  We are the longest-running commercial biodiesel producer on the West Coast and thanks to relationships with great partners we’ve become what we are today- an innovative, conscientious maker of local, responsible, bioproducts that’s helping build a better energy model for the future.

Our corporate headquarters is in Portland, Oregon and we have 11 locations from as far north as Seattle, Washington all the way down to San Jose, California. Geographically we span a large footprint, but our clear sense of mission and values allows us to operate cohesively.

Accounts Receivable Specialist is responsible for generating invoices, billing customers and collecting payments.  The candidate we choose will be responsible for processing a high volume of transactions each day while effectively managing frequent interruptions to help troubleshoot issues with customers and colleagues.

This position will involve working across several software platforms including Quickbooks, Syteline/Infor Cloudsuite Industrial ERP, Infor CRM, and 8X8 Cloud Phone System.  While training will be provided on the software we use, previous experience using ERP or CRM systems will be helpful.  The candidate we choose must have intermediate skills with MS Office (especially Excel and Outlook).

SeQuential is driven by the mission to build a better energy model, and that’s informed by our core values of RELATIONSHIPS, RESULTS, INNOVATION and CONSCIENTIOUSNESS.  The person in this position will be expected to provide impeccable customer service to both our external customers and colleagues across departments internally. We are a relaxed and fun-loving office with a strong team who works hard together to get the job done.  We are growing fast and there are lots of opportunities to help us develop processes as we go along.  Candidates for this position should display a positive attitude and proactive approach with navigating change and ambiguity.  We’re looking for someone with a strong sense of ownership over their work who can be humble enough to absorb constructive criticism and learn from others.  The person in this job will have a high degree of autonomy in their daily tasks with lots of support and high-fives from an amazing team.

Essential Duties:

  • Reconcile service/sale report data to ensure we have accurate billing inputs
  • Research issues with billing data and collaborate across departments to correct errors
  • Generate customer invoices (~50-75 invoices/day)
  • Process check, credit card, and ACH payments
  • Answer phone calls from customers and troubleshoot issues with them on the spot
  • Assist with collection efforts by tracking overdue invoices and contacting customers by email or phone to ask for payment

Required Experience & Competencies

  • 3+ years demonstrable success in a position with tangible deliverables on tight deadlines
  • Fast learner with new technology and at least intermediate skills in MS Excel, Outlook
  • 3+ years of customer service experience with a strong understanding of best practices and how to rely on customer service when de-escalating frustrated customers
  • Proven track record with managing multiple projects at once to completion
  • Proven history with taking initiative to understand the work being done and solve problems
  • Verbal and written fluency in English grammar, spelling, and comprehension
  • 3+ years’ experience using Excel and setting up your own spreadsheets
  • Ability to perform repetitive tasks without losing focus or making mistakes
  • Ability to smoothly multi-task answering phones while typing data or searching for data
  • Demonstrable success with teamwork and negotiating tasks with team members to get the job done when roles are not clearly defined
  • Ability to listen to multiple points of view and make an informed decision

Helpful Experience & Competencies

  • Direct accounts receivable or accounting experience
  • Understanding of basic accounting principles (debits and credits, etc.)
  • Conversational proficiency in Spanish, Vietnamese, or Cantonese would be a plus
  • Experience interpreting legal contract jargon as it relates to billing
  • Quickbooks, Syteline, Infor CRM, 8X8, or general ERP/CRM experience
  • Direct experience in similar industries

Accessibility Information (with or without reasonable accommodation)

  • Ability to stand, sit, walk, push, pull, and carry materials under 30 pounds daily
  • Ability to spend several, contiguous, hours working on a computer

Compensation and Benefits Details

We know how important it is to have predictability in your earnings, and that’s why we have dedicated company resources to ensuring your compensation is fair and transparent. We work hard to make sure our pay is in line with industry standards in each of our geographic regions so that you will be paid fairly for your work.

We also believe you should get more from your employer than just a paycheck every other week. Working for SeQuential should have a positive impact on your life in and out of the office. Because of that we offer a competitive benefits package and a crazy cool wellness program. By participating in our wellness program, you can not only earn free medical insurance for yourself, but you can also earn up to $4 a day into a health reimbursement account. SeQuential is committed to our employees in and out of the office.

We want you to be a healthy employee and a happy one, and that means taking some time off from work every now and then. When you come onboard with us you’ll get 7 paid holidays per year, including your birthday and a floating holiday of your choosing! You also start out accruing PTO at a rate of 3 weeks per year which most of our employees find is plenty of time to have a life outside of work.