Director of Logistics

You may have seen our trucks on the highway, or spotted our used cooking oil collection bins behind your favorite restaurant. Or maybe you have even filled your vehicle with our biodiesel. So, is Sequential a cooking oil recycler? A trucking company? A biodiesel refinery?

We’re all those things. We collect used cooking oil, refine it into biodiesel and bioproducts, and then refuel our communities. We also clean grease traps inside and outside of restaurants to help keep municipal sewer lines free of clogs. We take part in each step of the process. That’s why we are called SeQuential. We ensure each step is top-notch and always driving toward our main goal: to build a better energy model that puts people, community, and the environment first.

It’s a simple idea, really, but one that’s better for us all. And, thankfully, there’s a place for everyone within our process. We hope you’ll join us.

our origins

Since our humble beginnings in 2002, we’ve built our own refinery, created more than 50 million gallons of biodiesel, and now operate up and down the West Coast.

Thanks to relationships with partners such as Pacific Biodiesel and Tyree Oil, and customers like Kettle Foods and Burgerville, we’ve become what we are today—an innovative, conscientious maker of local, responsible bioproducts that’s helping build a better energy model for the future.

recent infrastructural investment and growth

Over the last few years we have invested heavily within the transportation and logistics arm of our business. With a steadfast goal of building a strong vertically-integrated used cooking oil (UCO) supply chain we have significantly grown our collection book of business, both organically and through acquisitions. We purchased RoadNet, an expansive routing and territory planning program, and we have implemented a new ERP. Our growth efforts have taken us from a point just a few years ago at which we collected UCO from a few thousand customers to a point now at which we collect from over 16,000 customers.

the role of director of logistics

The strategic imperative for SeQuential’s Logistics business is to build a captive supply of low-cost feedstock to feed our biodiesel production plant. The Director of Logistics (DOL) is responsible for leading the expansion as well as the day-to-day execution activities of SeQuential’s UCO collection, grease trap cleaning (“Charged Services”), and long-haul freight management activities with specific goals of organically growing our UCO collection and charged services business segments while reducing our direct cost of collection per gallon.

The DOL serves as a member of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) and directly supervises a team of five: two Regional Logistics Managers (PNW and California), Fleet Manager, Long-Haul Logistics Manager, Routing Manager/ Analyst. The DOL provides hands-on leadership while modelling behaviors that promote data-driven decision making, collaborative problem solving, operational excellence, and innovation.

      Key Accountabilities:

  • Build a culture of operational excellence. The DOL works collaboratively with the Directors of Sales and Marketing, Production, and Human Resources, along with functional managers to identify and address root causes of workplace safety issues, customer service issues, and process inefficiencies. Metrics: 360 qualitative feedback as well as service and productive KPIs.
  • Build a healthy, productive and engaged team.  The DOL is the architect responsible for building a culture of safety, accountability and teamwork in the logistics segment. Metrics: staff turnover, staffing (internal promotions versus external hires), and engagement surveys.
  • Budgeting: The DOL manages the development of the annual operating budget and associated work plans (AOP) and capital budgets for SeQuential’s logistics segment. Key metrics: operating cost per gallon collected.
  • Safety Management: The DOL ensures that each SeQuential facility complies with OSHA and DOT regulations and oversees the SeQuential Logistics safety management program including safety training (post-hire and ongoing), collaborating with the Director of HR to co-chair the Accident Review Board (ARB), and coaching with a goal of reducing year-over-year frequency and severity of injuries and accidents. Key metrics: MOD ratings and insurance claims history.
  • Compliance: Regularly update and refine SeQuential Logistics’ standard operating procedures and best practices to ensure that the company complies with evolving local, state and federal mandates, including environmental regulations, storm and sewer water management, fire, safety, driver hours of service, fleet licensing, fuel tax and other mandated reporting requirements (e.g. inedible kitchen grease (IKG) and fats, oils and grease (FOG) reporting).
  • Project Management: Build and drive the SeQuential Logistics innovation agenda to drive improvements in service and productivity as well as profitable expansion.
  • Foster a Culture of Execution: Coach the team in tracking and driving KPI improvements. Key metrics: service level (Wait and Promise), production and productivity performance.
  • Organizational Leadership: Serve as an active and engaged member of SeQuential’s senior leadership team (SLT). Engage with SeQuential’s Management Board, investors, customers and other trade partners as needed.

      Position Requirements:

  • Key Competencies: executive presence; talent management and coaching; deep transportation/ logistics domain experience in a high transaction environment, general business acumen, financial planning, continuous improvement, strong oral and written communications, attention to detail, self-directed, and high drive for results.
  • Culture Fit: The DOL must embrace SeQuential’s mission and core values of relationships, conscientiousness, innovation and results.
  • Track record of successfully leading functional teams across multiple facilities in complex, high-transaction logistics businesses.
  • Undergraduate degree in a related field, or a minimum of 15 years of exempt-status logistics management experience required; postgraduate degree preferred.
  • Minimum of 10 years of progressive supervisory and management experience in logistics/ manufacturing operations.
  • Track record of achieving productivity and service level improvements while managing high growth, multi-location business units.
  • Demonstrated experience in planning, budgeting, and analysis.
  • Excellent people skills, with demonstrated ability of working collaboratively across functions to address complex business problems.
  • Tolerance for working in a loosely structured and fast-moving environment.
  • Proven ability to provide teams with a clear line of sight (direction and priorities) as well as to simplify and streamline work flows.
  • Reputation for high integrity and follow through.
  • Extensive knowledge of Microsoft’s Office Suite.
  • Experience working with ERPs

application instructions

Please submit your cover letter, resume and salary requirements as an attachment(s) when completing the application here: Apply Now!