Route Dispatch Manager


Portland, OR

Company Overview

Crimson Renewable Energy and its subsidiary SeQuential Biodiesel are producers of renewable transportation fuels; specifically, we are the largest producer of biodiesel in California and Oregon. Crimson customers ranging from major oil companies such as Chevron, Valero, and Philips 66 to truck stop operators such as Pilot Flying J and Love’s count on Crimson as a reliable and consistent supplier of ultra-low carbon biodiesel.

Additionally, Crimson’s subsidiary SeQuential Environmental Services is one of the largest providers of used cooking oil and interceptor collection services in the Pacific Northwest and California.

Since commencing biodiesel production in Oregon in 2007 and in California in late 2011, Crimson and its SeQuential Biodiesel subsidiary have grown to become market leaders in the California and Oregon alternative fuels market, which combined represent the largest market for biodiesel in the United States. Our mission is to build a better energy model by making responsible, local, bioproducts.

Crimson has consistently grown revenue and profitability since startup, experiencing record revenue in 2018 of ~ $150 million and is projecting significant growth for 2019-2021. Crimson currently employs over 250 people, and is a privately owned, closely-held company. Throughout its growth trajectory, Crimson has held onto its startup culture characterized by the pursuit of excellence combined with an emphasis on customer responsiveness, integrity, strong work ethic, teamwork, and accountability at all levels. In summary, we work very hard to do a better job than our competitors in operational and back-office execution and managing the myriad market and commodity risks inherent in our business.

Job Overview

Crimson/SeQuential is looking for a Route Dispatch Manager. The Route Dispatch Manager provides operational, technical and analytical supervision to dispatcher team. Works closely with transportation managers and SeQuential IT to support optimized system utilization and function with integrated demand planning. The Route Dispatch Manager will build, audit and adjust territory plans and routes for SeQuential’s used cooking oil (UCO), internal grease trap (IGT) and external grease trap (EGT) and container collection activities for all regions.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following:

  • Collaborate with management and the service team to build and update territory plans that account for good customer experience and that have optimum route efficiency
  • Audit routes, report findings, and collaborate with management to make data-driven decisions. Route data mining should show:
  • Fleet, fuel and labor expenses
  • Compliance with DOT Hours of Service regulations
  • Compliance with labor laws including breaks and lunches at required intervals
  • That we provide drivers with enough time to complete pre-trip and post-trip vehicle inspections
  • Gallons collected per mile, per hour and per stop
  • Planned versus actual route miles, stops and hours
  • Route completion percentages
  • Resource issues such as trucks that are down, or driver shortages
  • Work to ensure seamless data integrity and information pass through between RoadNet and back office systems.
  • Periodically cover dispatch shifts to provide Dispatcher PTO relief, and to assess what is working, and where there are challenges at the dispatch level
  • Regularly solicit feedback from dispatchers as to bring context and inform prudent decision making related to building and adjusting routing strategies and tools
  • Help create and vet standardized operating procedures and best practices for RoadNet and back office systems use. Help train dispatchers accordingly and ensure they are equipped with the systems and technology tools to carry out their duties.

Essential Business Experience and Technical Skills

  • Ethical Conduct
  • Communication
  • Stress tolerance
  • Adaptability
  • Professional and friendly demeanor
  • Customer service skills
  • Financial acumen
  • Ability to work well independently
  • Ability to foster a safe work environment
  • Ability to foster cohesive and productive work environments
  • Ability to communicate effectively in written and spoken word

Education and Basic Requirements

  • 4+ years’ routing/ dispatching experience in a high-transaction environment, preferably in waste recovery/ reverse logistics
  • Strong proficiency in a leading Transportation Management System, (RoadNet and XRS preferred), with hands-on experience in managing master data
  • Significant exposure to network and territory planning, hands-on experience with route planning and optimization
  • Proven experience of data analysis and reporting, preferably using PowerBI or similar tools
  • Ability to read maps and use traffic management programs
  • Geographical knowledge of SeQuential’s service territories
  • Proficiency in Customer Service and Accounting Systems, Excel and Word
  • A positive and collaborative communication style
  • Ability to multi-task in a fast-paced environment
  • Strong, demonstrated verbal and written communication skills; fluent in English; bilingual (English-Spanish) preferred

What We Offer

Here at Crimson/SeQuential we believe you should get more from your employer than just a paycheck every other week. Working for us should have a positive impact on your life beyond in the office. Because of that we offer a competitive benefits package and a crazy cool wellness program. By participating in our wellness program, you can not only earn free medical insurance, but you can also earn up to $4 a day into a health reimbursement account.

Not only do we want you to be a healthy employee, we also want you to be a happy one and that means taking some time off from work every now and then. When you onboard with us you’ll get 7 paid holidays per year, including your birthday! You also start out accruing PTO at a rate of 3 weeks per year.

Application Instructions

If you’re interested in this position, please click here to submit a copy of your resume as well as an explanation of why you think you’d be a great fit for the position. We look forward to hearing from you soon!