Shipping and Receiving Coordinator

The Shipping and Receiving Coordinator Salem performs/oversees the intake of bulk liquid products, its internal movement through the tank farm, and its outflow from the depot. Additional functions include maintenance and repair of all mechanical, electrical, and security systems/components found on Depot premises. At a minimum level, the S/R Coordinator will be trained in byproduct refining and support the Plant Operator as needed. Primary responsibilities include:


Shipping and Receiving


  • Physically receive used cooking oil (UCO) from third-party or internal commercial vehicles into specified tanks via vacuum hose, filter tube and/or intake trough.
  • Operate transfer pumps to move Waste Water, UCO, biodiesel (B100), byproducts (free fatty acids and glycerin) and ultra-low sulfur diesel (ULSD) between storage tanks and tankers in the S/R bay area
  • Test material samples for chemical and physical characteristics
  • Understand UCO and B100 collection schedules as to ensure sufficient receiving tank volume at all times
  • Render UCO free of water and impurities through moving separated layers of UCO to appropriate tank destinations via transfer pumps and opening line valves
  • Operate a fork lift to move palletized raw materials


Maintenance and Repair


  • Work with Maintenance Supervisor and Plant Manager to perform regular, preventive service to equipment such as boilers, evaporators, pumps, condensers, switches, valves, etc.
  • Regularly clean designated areas of the tank farm
  • Understand ‘uptime production schedule’—work with management to deploy planned downtime-maintenance in a manner that is safe, productive, and as undisruptive as possible


Plant Operator Support


  • Process and refine byproducts to a set of standard operating procedures.




  • Plan, prioritize, and communicate weekly activities
  • Maintain shipping and receiving tickets
  • Continually update ‘Plant Status Log’
  • Maintain facilities related reports and spreadsheets
  • Utilize basic math to assist with calculations for reporting changes in tank volume and activity in and out of our facility
  • Gather, file, and send paperwork to personnel in Accounting or Operations




  • Regularly perform safety audits; prioritize and respond to all concerns

Position Requirements


Experience and Competencies


  • 3+ years shipping and receiving and/or plant operations experience strongly preferred
  • Welding knowledge/application preferred
  • Understanding of environmental hazards management/planning and remediation
  • Demonstrated verbal and written communication, English literacy (multilingual applicants encouraged to apply)
  • Working knowledge/application of MS Word/Excel
  • Adaptability
  • Stress tolerance
  • Forklift certification preferred
  • Must have valid driver’s license, clean driving record, and reliable vehicle (Company reimburses mileage at a rate that meets or exceeds government requirements)



Physical Demands


  • Ability to stand, sit, walk, push, pull, work in splayed positions, and carry materials up to 100 pounds daily
  • Ability to tolerate intense smells of non-toxic bulk liquids
  • Ability to climb ladders
  • Ability to work for long period outdoors in temperature/precipitation extremes typical of Oregon’s climate
  • Absence of pulmonary, cardiovascular, psychological, and anatomic conditions that would interfere with the ability to wear a respirator
  • Ability to wear protective equipment on the head, face, hands, and feet in accordance with safety requirements
  • Ability to work in varying noise levels, and to wear hearing protection as required