Our Corporate Headquarters in Portland, OR

SeQuential Address

3333 NW 35th Ave, Bldg C
Portland, OR 97210
Phone: 503-954-2154

SeQuential Office Hours

Monday-Friday: 8AM-5PM
Saturday-Sunday: 9AM-1PM

About Sequential

From our corporate headquarters in Portland, OR, SeQuential continues to make strides in the refinement and distribution of biodiesel throughout the Pacific Northwest. Our operation began as little more than an idea to improve the environment through cleaner fuel alternatives. Starting with homemade biofuels by the barrel, SeQuential has since grown into a large-scale operation that collects used cooking oil from restaurants and businesses throughout Oregon, Washington and California. This oil is then refined in ultra-low carbon biodiesel, available in a variety of blends from our Refuel stations throughout the Pacific Northwest. Consider taking to the road with cleaner biodiesel, or by recycling your used cooking oil with SeQuential. Contact our corporate headquarters in Portland, OR today.

SeQuential’s biodiesel boasts several positive impacts for the environment, include:

  • Up to 76% fewer overall greenhouse gas emissions than petroleum diesel;
  • Reducing unburned hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and other exhaust emissions;
  • Reusing locally sourced used cooking oil, ensuring an ultra-low carbon footprint that is 85% smaller than petroleum diesel;
  • Displacing more than 470 million points of CO2;
  • And many more.