About Biodiesel

SeQuential biodiesel is an ultra low-carbon, locally sourced alternative to petroleum diesel.

Trees and Silos

We make our fuel from used cooking oil collected from local restaurants and businesses all along the West Coast. We then refine and sell it locally to reduce the impact of transport and to keep this valuable resource – and your fuel dollars – in the local economy.

Any diesel equipment can use biodiesel, from cars, trucks, farm equipment, generators, oil furnaces and more. We offer a range of blends, from our popular B20 biodiesel blend (20% biodiesel, 80% petroleum diesel) to our cleanest and most sustainable B99 biodiesel blend.

Why SeQuential biodiesel?

There are many reasons to choose SeQuential biodiesel:

  • It’s local—sourced, refined, and sold right here on the West Coast
  • It’s sustainable—made from used cooking oil collected from local restaurants and businesses
  • It’s better for the planet—SeQuential biodiesel’s carbon footprint is up to 85% smaller than petroleum diesel. It also produces significantly fewer tailpipe emissions and is less toxic than table salt.
  • It’s better for engines—a higher cetane rating and better lubricity than petroleum diesel results in less engine wear and a potentially longer engine life.
  • It’s better for the community – buying SeQuential biodiesel supports a local company, with local employees and partners. The money you spend on our fuel help build a stronger community by keeping your energy dollars working here in the region.

Highest Quality

We helped set the industry standard for biodiesel quality. Every drop of fuel we make meets or exceeds ASTM standards. We’re also a BQ-9000®-certified biodiesel producer and marketer, and our fuel scores a carbon-intensity rating of 15 under the California LCFS—one of the lowest-carbon fuels available.

Additional Resources

For more information on biodiesel and its environmental and community impacts, please visit: