More Things Besides Cars that Use Biodiesel

July 1st, 2020 |  Categories Blog
Worker operating heavy machinery

Since its inception, biodiesel has revolutionized the transportation industry with its ability to fuel cars, trucks, buses, and other vehicles with pre-existing diesel engines. Biodiesel delivers benefits like improved fuel efficiency, better air quality, and is better for the environment, which is why more and more businesses are trying to incorporate it into their operations.

Thanks to advancements in engineering, there are now plenty of other applications besides cars that can run on biodiesel. Here, SeQuential, the longest-operating biodiesel producer on the West Coast, sheds light on how biodiesel can be used with different types of machinery.

1. Tractors and Farming Machinery

In decades past, farming equipment was thought to be something that would never run on biodiesel. However, that changed in 2006, when manufacturer New Holland became the first in the industry to encourage the use of B20, a biodiesel blend, in its engines. Some of the biggest tractor manufacturers in the world, John Deere and CNH Global, joined the trend in 2008. Now, using biodiesel in agricultural machinery is commonplace on farms across the country and around the world.

2. Oil Furnaces

Most heating systems that utilize a furnace with petroleum-based oils are great matches for biodiesel, while others can be compatible with a few customizations. It is a smart fuel option for residential homes and commercial buildings alike, as it burns cleanly, is carbon neutral, and does not produce CO2. While biodiesel should be phased into an oil furnace slowly, higher concentrations can eventually be used without trouble and even clear out any sludge buildup.

3. Generators and Power Plants

Along similar lines, some pieces of equipment and locations that generate electricity can operate on biodiesel. A superb alternative to nuclear energy, natural gas, and coal, biodiesel burns without harm to the environment and plays a vital role in lowering carbon emissions – all while serving an ever-growing need for electricity. Though several power plants and generators have been utilizing biodiesel since the late 2000s and early 2010s, it’s still an up-and-coming practice in the electricity industry.

4. Off-Road and Recreational Vehicles

Cars and trucks aren’t built for traversing muddy and rocky off-road trails or transporting you around the golf course. However, when you’re in the position of needing an ATV, golf cart, or another off-road vehicle, you can feel better about using it knowing it can be fueled by biodiesel. If your passion for recreation takes you out on the water, biodiesel can even be used to power certain boats, jet skis, and more.

A Future of Possibilities

These are just a handful of examples of how to use biodiesel outside of cars. Based in the Pacific Northwest, SeQuential believes wholeheartedly that biodiesel is the future, and more and more businesses will come to use it in their operations. To learn more about our biodiesel and what it can be used for, contact us today.