Preparing Your Pacific Northwest Fuel Station for Biodiesel

September 30th, 2018 |  Biodiesel and Blog
Fueling Up With Green Pump

If you’re in the fuel business, then you’re probably well aware of the trending increase in biodiesel use across the country. The U.S. alone now accounts for more than 2 billion gallons of biodiesel consumption in a given year. This brings up an important point – is it time for your fuel station to join the biodiesel revolution?

The astronomic growth of the biofuels industry throughout the past decade suggests that the answer is a confident “yes.” But if you’re uncertain about preparing your station for the addition of biofuels, there’s no need to worry, because SeQuential strives to make the process as easy as can be – we’ll discuss how that works later on.

But first, let’s talk about why choosing biodiesel in the Pacific Northwest is a smart economic move.

  1. 1. Biodiesel already has a strong economic presence in Oregon and surrounding states.

SeQuential alone already provides biodiesel to dozens of retailers all throughout Oregon and Washington, which proves that there’s a strong market for biofuels in the area.

  1. 2. Nearly every modern diesel vehicle can already use biodiesel.

If you’re not up-to-date on the latest biodiesel facts, it’s worth noting that the diesel vehicles that currently frequent your gas station should have no trouble using biodiesel. The fuel usually comes in blends to help deliver the performance drivers need while reducing emissions. All diesel engines built after the mid-90s are made using materials that are compatible with biodiesel, so there’s no concern about engine component degradation.

  1. 3. You may qualify for financial incentives.

Adding biodiesel to your gas station is a smart business move not only because the fuel is in high demand, but because many states offer financial incentives for businesses that do so. Oregon alone offers a host of these incentives.

Introducing Biodiesel at Your Station

Now that the benefits of biodiesel are clear, how should you go about introducing it at your station? The best starting point is to simply contact a reputable biodiesel producer, such as SeQuential, and let them know that you’d like to become a retailer.

Here at SeQuential, we’ll outfit you with all the equipment necessary to get started – that means pump toppers, dispenser labels and more. Once everything’s ready for action, we’ll train you and your employees on all things biodiesel to help ensure a simple transition. Then, we’ll give you educational materials, so your customers can find out why biodiesel is just as beneficial for them as it is for you.

Eager to get started? Contact SeQuential at 800-447-3794 today.