Western Washington Clean Cities- Biomass Fuels Webinar

January 15th, 2018 |  Biodiesel and Blog

SeQuential’s Finished Products manager, Kevin Kuper, recently presented as part of the Western Washington Clean Cities webinar series: Clean Fuels 101- Biomass Fuels. The webinar session focused on biodiesel, renewable diesel and ethanol — the three main alternative fuels made from biomass feedstocks like plants, animal tallow, used cooking oil, wood chips and other cellulosic fibers.

Kuper’s presentation highlighted SeQuential’s story and the process we use to produce ultra low carbon fuel. He discusses the reasons to use cooking oil as a feedstock, along with the quality impacts and associated tailpipe emissions benefits of SeQuential’s biodiesel. The presentation also provides information about the best use cases and best practices for fleets. Kuper was joined by fellow presenters, Robin Gold of Western Washington Clean Cities and Todd Ellis of Renewable Energy Group.

Click to watch the webinar.