Biodiesel Sustainability

April 25th, 2019 |  Biodiesel, Biodiesel Sustainability, and Blog

Problem Solver: A Closer Look at Biodiesel’s Advantages Over Petroleum >

Many people think of petroleum fuels as the only choice when it comes to fueling. It’s easy to see why, with many vehicles using this fuel and filling stations on every corner. Luckily since 2002, when SeQuential introduced the West Coast to high-quality biodiesel, it’s simpler than ever to choose an alternative to petroleum fuel. In fact, biodiesel offers a solution to a number of modern problems, from environmental harm to health risks and more. If you’re considering biodiesel for your personal vehicle or professional fleet, we’ll explain some of its top advantages over petroleum to help you make the switch. READ MORE

April 17th, 2019 |  Biodiesel, Biodiesel Sustainability, and Blog

Sustainability in Action: Effects of Biodiesel Use >

The idea of a fuel that could be produced indefinitely might sound almost too good to be true. But in reality, biodiesel offers exactly that. Replacing exhaustible resources, such as fossil fuels, with biodiesel created with recycled cooking oil offers far-reaching benefits not just for our environment, but also for our health and the economy. Curious about biodiesel sustainability and other positive effects? We examine some of the top benefits of swapping petroleum diesel for biodiesel. READ MORE