Senior Transportation Analyst

Compensation: DOE

You might have seen our trucks on the highway, or spotted our used cooking oil collection bins behind your favorite restaurant. Or maybe you have even filled your vehicle with our biodiesel. So is Sequential a cooking oil recycler? A trucking company? A biodiesel refinery?

We’re all those things. We collect used cooking oil, refine it into biodiesel and bioproducts, and then refuel our communities. We take part in each step of the process. That’s why we are called SeQuential. We ensure each step is top-notch and always driving toward our main goal: to build a better energy model that puts people, community, and the environment first.

It’s a simple idea, really, but one that’s better for us all. And, thankfully, there’s a place for everyone within our process. We hope you’ll join us.

our origins

“We began selling SeQuential biodiesel by the five-gallon jug.”

Since our humble beginnings in 2002, we’ve built our own refinery, created more than 25 million gallons of biodiesel, and now operate up and down the West Coast.

Thanks to relationships with partners such as Pacific Biodiesel and Tyree Oil, and customers like Kettle Foods and Burgerville, we’ve become what we are today—an innovative, conscientious maker of local, responsible bioproducts that’s helping build a better energy model for the future.

the role of senior transportation routing analyst

Over the last few years we have invested heavily within the Transportation arm of our business. With a steadfast goal of building a strong vertically-integrated supply chain that can source our biodiesel plant with a sufficient feedstock of used cooking oil (UCO), we have significantly grown our collection book of business—both organically and through a number of acquisitions. Additionally we purchased RoadNet, an expansive routing and territory planning program. Our growth efforts have taken us from a point just a few years ago at which we collected UCO from a couple thousand customers to a point now at which we collect from over 15,000 customers.

Given our rapid growth we have dramatically expanded the sizes of our regional territories; we have increased Driver personnel by nearly 100% within the last year; we have added many more trucks to our fleet; and, we continue to place greater and greater demands upon our Dispatch department. As one can imagine there are some pain points—we are not yet utilizing RoadNet to its maximum potential; we are collecting from some customers too frequently and from others too infrequently; we are not fully purposing our trucks to match their capacities; etc. With this in mind we want to invite a highly-skilled “optimization expert” to join SeQuential as Senior Transportation Routing Analyst. This is a niche role that requires a specialized skill set, but for the right person it will be an absolutely incredible opportunity.

essential functions

  • Continually assess the efficacy of our RoadNet-based routing operation, and make according recommendations to support the charge of “continuous improvement.” This will be done by analyzing the ‘pick-up frequency’ needs of our over 15,000 customers, our fleet utilization, our Driver deployment, our Dispatcher to number of stops ratio, and myriad other variables.
  • Collaborate with HR to reach a point of “optimal human utilization” within the Transportation division. This ‘somewhat moving target’ will be informed by the continual analysis of myriad datasets.
  • Based on analytics, liaise as is necessary between Finance, Sales, Dispatch, Logistics, HR, and Transportation to ensure that “chronologic synergy” is maintained. This will help prevent problems such as over promising and under delivering, over or under staffing, bottlenecks, etc.
  • Participate in both General and M&A Strategy. Use modeling to advise key decision makers of the probable impacts of different decisions.
  • Develop and maintain myriad reports, dashboards, and data extracts utilizing SQL/Crystal Reports from RoadNet.
  • Identify solutions to non-standard requests and problems as they may arise.


  • Five-plus years of relevant “analyst” experience.
  • Demonstrated capabilities to analyze operational data from very large databases to determine best practices and exceptional/outlier data, and then summarize findings in meaningful ways to constituents to support actionable improvements—able to share past examples of iterative changes leading to marked operational improvements.
  • Sound working knowledge of routing, heuristics, advanced math and optimization to develop effective options to enhance productivity and efficiency.
  • Demonstrated advanced experience of RoadNet strongly preferred.
  • Demonstrated experience using Microsoft Office Suite with advanced Excel experience required (advanced formulas, macro creation, and vba).
  • Demonstrated advanced experience of SQL/Crystal strongly preferred.
  • Excellent people skills, with an ability to partner with a dynamic leadership team.
  • Possess personal qualities of integrity, credibility, and commitment to SeQuential’s values.

simple measures of success

While there will be many measures by which our Senior Transportation Routing Analyst will know he or she is successful, the following “simple” gauges should serve as a foundation.

  • Evidence of continued improvement in routing, fleet utilization, and human productivity.
  • Established KPIs/metrics trending in positive directions.
  • Interdepartmental synergies that are attributable to data-driven recommendations.

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