• Dave, Alex, Eleanor, Gerry

    Dave Garten

    Chairman of the Board

    Dave is Chairman of SeQuential’s Board of Managers, and has extensive experience in strategy development, management, marketing, product development, strategic alliances and acquisitions, negotiation, raising capital and finance. Full Bio

  • Marc

    Marc Cramer

    Board of Managers

    Marc has been on the Board of Managers of Sequential since 2009.  He brings a wealth of experience to the Company having led North American Operations for Kettle Chips for many years before serving as their Global CFO. Full Bio

  • Bob King

    Bob King

    Board of Managers

    As founder of Hawaii’s Pacific Biodiesel, which pioneered the community-based biodiesel concept, Bob King has been involved with SeQuential since it began production in 2005. He currently sits on the company’s Board of Managers. Full Bio

  • Company_Tyson

    Tyson Keever

    Co- Founder and CEO

    Since co-founding SeQuential in 2003, Tyson has helped develop a network of 85+  biodiesel retailers in OR and WA, as well as a division that collects the spent cooking oil used to produce the company’s own fuel. Full Bio


  • Roger Rowe

    Roger Rowe


    Roger is the interim CFO for SeQuential. He oversees all financial and accounting activities and incorporates that data into operational decision-making processes throughout the company. Full Bio

  • Josh Hinerfeld HS14_004

    Josh Hinerfeld


    As interim COO for SeQuential, Josh is responsible for the day-to-day operations. Prior to joining the SeQuential team, Josh ran Cambium Strategy, served as CEO of Organically Grown Company, an early SeQuential customer. Full Bio

  • Ryan McMackin

    Director of Human Resources

    Ryan oversees all human resource functions companywide–including strategic planning, continued human capital analysis, recruiting, benefits administration, etc. Full Bio

  • Company_Nancy

    Nancy Sage

    Director of Sales and Marketing

    Nancy is responsible for SeQuential’s sales, marketing and customer service functions. She has more than 20 years’ experience leading sales teams and building customer support infrastructure. Full Bio

  • Jeff Van Dyke

    Director of Operations

    Jeff has been the Director of Operations at SeQuential since 2013. His diverse background in water treatment, brewing, and biodiesel production has made him an intricate part of SeQuential’s growth and success. Full Bio

  • Company_Kevin

    Kevin Kuper

    Finished Products Manager

    Kevin oversees the sale and distribution of SeQuential’s finished bioproducts to customers throughout the western United States.
    Full Bio

  • Company_Rachel

    Rachel Shaver

    Marketing Manager

    Rachel leads all marketing and communications efforts for SeQuential.
    Full Bio