COVID-19 Information

At SeQuential, the health and wellness of our team, customers and community remains our top priority. As we all face the dynamic challenges surrounding COVID-19, we want to share the safety precautions being enforced to ensure the well-being of the community. The safety controls and health safeguards that we have implemented include:

Health and Safety

All SeQuential employees are given paid time off that is used during times of illness and only healthy team members are permitted to work. Employees are encouraged to stay at home when ill to prevent the possible spread of any contagious diseases. We have increased team meetings and company check-ins to ensure that everyone at SeQuential is up to date with company policy and protocols.

Face Masks

In addition to requiring employees to maintain a safe distance from each other and other community members, all SeQuential employees are required to wear masks while in the workplace. Service technicians must wear a face mask upon exiting their truck as well as during the service being provided to our customers. Face masks are also required to be worn by anyone entering our offices and facilities.

Cleanliness Protocols

We have implemented additional cleanliness protocols for all staff which include additional hand washing and sanitizing, increased sanitation wipe downs of equipment and tools, and required Nitrile glove usage while providing services.

Wishing you good health,