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Bakersfield, Calif and Portland, Ore (October 22, 2018) – Crimson Renewable Energy LP (Crimson) announced that it has acquired SeQuential, a vertically integrated producer of biodiesel made from used cooking oil headquartered in Portland, Ore. The purchase will enable continued growth and availability of local, ultra-low carbon biodiesel across the West Coast.

With SeQuential, Crimson will gain increased feedstock supply options for its biodiesel production facility and expand its ability to provide ultra-low carbon biodiesel to customers up and down the West Coast. The two companies will continue operating under their existing brands. Harry Simpson will serve as CEO for both Crimson and SeQuential, and Tyson Keever will assume the role of COO for the combined companies. Additionally, the SeQuential management team will continue in their current roles and focus on expanding SeQuential’s regional used cooking oil and restaurant service operations and its Oregon biodiesel production and marketing.

“SeQuential has a long history as a respected industry player with a strong brand and biodiesel market presence in the Pacific Northwest, and a rapidly growing West Coast used cooking oil and trap grease collection business that collectively made enormous strategic sense for Crimson as we sought to expand our operations and footprint beyond our current position as California’s largest biodiesel producer,” Simpson said. “Together, our combined operations will form the largest biodiesel production and marketing footprint on the West Coast, integrated with one of the largest used cooking oil collection operations in the western United States.”

About SeQuential

Founded in 2005, SeQuential is the longest running commercial biodiesel producer on the West Coast, and the only biodiesel producer in Oregon. SeQuential makes its biodiesel from recycled cooking oil collected from thousands of restaurants and businesses throughout the region. As one of the only domestic biodiesel producers that handles the process from beginning to end, SeQuential collects used cooking oil, refines it into biodiesel, and uses it to refuel vehicles and fuel stations. Every drop of oil the company collects is turned into biodiesel that is then distributed back into the local community. More information on SeQuential is available at

About Crimson Renewable Energy, LP

Crimson Renewable Energy is California’s largest producer of high-quality, ultra-low carbon biodiesel and a leading participant in the future of advanced biofuels and transportation fuels. We provide highly reliable delivery and superior customer service throughout California and surrounding states combined with flexible contract structures for duration and pricing. Crimson also provides the flexibility and financial dependability that is highly valued by its supply chain partners. More information on Crimson is available at

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