Nationwide Used Cooking Oil Collection Services

SeQuential collects Used Cooking Oil and maintains Grease Traps for your restaurant group. Just one vendor.

Simple for you, so you can focus on bigger things.

Single point of contact for all your needs

Partnering with PURE means that we take care of it all for you: signing up, scheduling collection, and adding locations is straight forward. One program that services all locations with a single text, phone call or email!

Get paid for your oil

Recycling your used cooking oil is free. Your business may even qualify for a rebate!




Join us to fight climate change

Every drop of used cooking oil we collect is transformed into low carbon biodiesel fuel, benefiting the planet along with your bottom line. Biodiesel offers a carbon footprint up to 85% smaller than petroleum diesel. PURE has displaced more than 100 million pounds of carbon, which is the equivalent of planting more than 70,000 trees.

How to Get Started

Contact to verify location coverage and for a copy of a service agreement