Used Cooking Oil Collectors

From restaurants to food processors, stadiums to zoos, SeQuential offers free, used cooking oil recycling services to food establishments and home chefs throughout the West Coast. In turn, we take the waste oil and refine it into clean-burning, low carbon biodiesel, which is then sold to retailers, distributors and fleets in the region. If you’d like to start recycling your used cooking oil, give us a call at 800-447-3794 for details.

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The Collection Process

At SeQuential, we collect used cooking oilk from restaurants, universities, stadiums, zoos and food processors free of charge. With just a phone call, we’ll provide you with a used cooking oil collection container, and devise a collection schedule that best suits your needs. All you have to do is continue filling your container with used cooking oil. It’s simple, and it’s free.

Home cooks can also recycle their used cooking oil with SeQuential. Across the West Coast, we’ve set up convenient drop-off locations, making it easy to dispose of your old cooking oil. Just wait for the oil to cool down, pour it into a container, bring it to your nearest drop-off location and pour the oil into the designated receptacle.

Why Recycle with SeQuential

At SeQuential, we’re more than used cooking oil collectors – we’re a company committed to building a better energy model. Handling the process from beginning to end, we’re able to produce local, sustainable bioproducts with the lowest carbon footprint in the region.

After the cooking oil is collected, it gets transported to our Salem, OR production plant, becoming biodiesel, glycerin, boiler fuel, and more. These bioproducts are then sold to the community, helping manufacturing, industrial and home customers fuel up in an environmentally friendly way.

Contact SeQuential Now

As a food establishment or home chef, you can play a significant role in supporting the local economy and the environment. Contact SeQuential to learn more about the collection and refinement process, and then sign up for free used cooking oil collection service.