Cooking Oil Recycling

Restaurants, food producers, universities, stadiums, and other West Coast businesses rely on cooking oil. Yet used oil can’t be poured down the drain or sent to a landfill. How can you dispose of used cooking oil without violating state and local regulations?

SeQuential’s cooking oil recycling program makes it easy without added expense or effort. We provide containers, offer pickup up and down the West Coast, and offer drop-off service for home cooks. Best of all, cooking oil recycling gives you peace of mind that used oil will become clean, efficient biodiesel that’s good for our planet and good for your community.

Cooking Oil Recycling for Businesses

Used cooking oil recycling with SeQuential is available at no cost to your business. To get started, call 800-447-3794 to speak with a team member. After a quick consultation we will:

  • Provide a sanitary, secure oil disposal container
  • Give you a lock to prevent oil theft
  • Schedule regular pickups based on the volume of oil you produce

If you use more cooking oil than expected, don’t worry. Place the extra oil in buckets or pots near the recycling container and notify customer service, and we’ll collect them promptly. If your oil disposal needs increase in general, we can adjust your schedule to collect more often.

In addition to used oil collection, we offer grease trap cleaning services to ensure that our partners’ equipment continues to run smoothly. Our team will also work with local municipalities so that our services help keep customers up to code.

Cooking Oil Recycling for Home Chefs

SeQuential offers a variety of convenient cooking oil recycling drop-off locations for home chefs who wish to recycle used cooking oil. To recycle your oil, simply bring it to a location near you. Make sure you follow these instructions when taking your oil for recycling:

  • Cool oil completely before storing
  • Pour oil into its original container or one with a secure lid
  • Secure oil containers as you transport them to prevent leaks and spills
  • Open the lid of the designated oil container, pour in oil, and close the lid
  • Do not place solids, garbage, or any other materials into the designated oil container

Drop-off of used cooking oil is free to anyone and is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and keep fats, oils, and grease out of your pipes, sewer system, and local waterways.

Why SeQuential?

Recycling used cooking oil to create biodiesel is an easy way to reduce waste, cut emissions, and make a positive impact on the environment. Biodiesel has a carbon footprint that’s up to 85% smaller than that of petroleum diesel.

SeQuential is the longest-running commercial biodiesel producer on the West Coast, and we’ve been helping the region’s businesses recycle used cooking oil since 2004. Still, we’re more than just used cooking oil collectors. SeQuential is committed to building a better energy model, producing local products that are sustainable for our local communities.

Start Cooking Oil Recycling Today

Whether you run a business or cook at home, SeQuential can help turn your used oil into high-quality biodiesel. To get started with cooking oil recycling, contact one of our locations in up and down the West Coast. Already a SeQuential customer? Check out our customer resources for additional information.