Customer Best Practices

How to keep your SeQuential container and collection area clean

Although used cooking oil is not a hazardous substance, spills and leaks can be harmful to the environment if they enter the stormwater system. Follow these simple tips to prevent spills, minimize odors and keep your collection area in tip-top shape:

  • Never put any other waste material in your bin. SeQuential containers are for used cooking oil recycling only. No stowaways!
  • Periodically scrape the grate at the top of your container. Food particles can cause clogging or make your container appear full. Just toss the scraped food particles in the compost or dumpster.
  • Be careful when pouring oil into the container. If you do experience a spill, you can clean it up using absorbent pads, or by sprinkling with sand or kitty litter before sweeping into the garbage.
  • Only Use Locks Provided by SeQuential. Locking your container is a great way to prevent theft and keep garbage and other materials out of your bin. Just make sure to use the lock we give you. Using a different lock could prevent us from accessing your oil..

Need an example?

Check out our video to see our used cooking oil collection and recycling tips in action!

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