Welcome to SeQuential!

Welcome to the family

We’re pleased to announce that SeQuential – a leading West Coast biodiesel manufacturer- is now handling the used cooking oil collection services previously provided by Green Source Renewable. Welcome!

You may be hearing from a SeQuential representative in the coming month to say hello, and answer your questions. Becoming part of the SeQuential family will be a seamless transition. SeQuential will handle the paperwork, and you’ll continue to receive your regularly scheduled service from the same technicians who’ve been servicing your account. We like to try to make your life easier by emailing IKG receipts after we have provided you service.

If you have any questions or need to update your contact information, you can contact us directly by:

Need assistance now? Submit our service request form here.

Want to know about us? Click here for more information about cooking oil collection and here for more information about how to care for your collection container.

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