Direct Delivery

We now deliver biodiesel directly to you, without a third-party hauler. Here’s why to buy directly from us:

Highest quality

Delivery straight from our plant in Salem, Oregon, prevents potential quality issues that can occur when biodiesel repeatedly changes hands.

Better customer service

You can call us directly to get the quick response you need.

Support your local economy

You’re building a stronger community by supporting a local company with local drivers and partners.

Lower environmental impact

Direct delivery further reduces the carbon footprint of our already low-carbon biodiesel.

Proven reliability

SeQuential biodiesel is BQ-9000® certified and we’ve never lost a customer due to quality issues. Our biodiesel has a higher cetane rating and better lubricity than petroleum diesel—which means less engine wear and a potentially longer engine life.

To power your fleet with direct-delivered biodiesel, click here.