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Crafted from plant-based materials and proven to deliver performance that rivals that of typical diesel, it’s no surprise that renewable fuel has risen to the top of the list of petroleum alternatives. Still skeptical? Read on to discover five reasons why you should switch to renewable fuel today.


  1. Renewable fuel use helps improve air quality.

While the actual numbers depend on the blend used, pure renewable fuel is known to produce up to 76% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than petroleum diesel, as well as significantly less particulate matter, a known contributor to asthma and lung disease.

  1. It’s a sustainable product.

No one knows exactly how long the world’s oil reserves will last, but there’s no doubt that they’re limited. Unlike standard diesel, which is drawn from this finite petroleum supply, renewable fuel is made from simple, plant-based and totally renewable ingredients, like vegetable oil. Renewable fuel is even more sustainable because it’s made from used cooking oil recycled from local restaurants. This gives SeQuential’s fuel a carbon footprint 85% smaller than petroleum diesel.

  1. Renewable fuel is compatible with diesel vehicles by default.

Nearly all diesel engines dating back to 1993 can use renewable fuel in place of petroleum diesel without a single modification. Plus, it can be used on its own for optimum emission reduction or blended with petroleum diesel when you’re seeking to maintain the power delivered by petroleum products.

  1. Renewable fuel use spurs economic development.

Because renewable fuel offers a viable petroleum diesel alternative, it has a very bright future. Demand for the fuel continues to rise across the board, forecasting a booming industry packed with job opportunities.

  1. Renewable fuel is safer to store, handle and transport.

You’ve likely heard horror stories about major petroleum spills, which can be environmentally devastating and even lead to massive explosions. Fortunately, using renewable fuel significantly reduces the risk of these incidents. Pure renewable fuel is completely non-toxic and has a much higher flash point than petroleum diesel, making it less likely to catch fire.

See For Yourself

Interested in experiencing the benefits of renewable fuel? Get in touch with SeQuential to discuss our products and services or browse our fuel map to find a renewable fuel provider near you.

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