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Streamlined Used Cooking Oil Management

Our experts begin by assessing your kitchen’s requirements to design a system that best suits your needs. Our equipment can be seamlessly retrofitted into existing kitchens, optimizing oil usage and disposal processes. We offer a variety of cooking oil equipment systems with different benefits and capabilities.

Automated Systems

Our automated cooking oil systems offer you the highest level of safety, simplicity, and cleanliness for managing used cooking oil. By automating used cooking oil disposal, our systems will reduce the need for your employees to manually handle hot used cooking oil. This keeps your employees safer by preventing slips, trips, falls, and burns.

Direct Connection:

The Direct Connection Systems are the safest, easiest, and cleanest solution for handling used cooking oil. This system is directly connected to your fryers, allowing for the effortless disposal of used oil with a flip of the switch. We offer indoor and outdoor tanks that can be directly connected to your fryers.

Indoor System:

These systems are designed for restaurants with ample interior floor space. Holding tanks are strategically placed indoors with pipelines running near the fryers (though not directly into them). For fryers lacking built-in filtration, a portable filter machine may be necessary.

Heated Outdoor Equipment:

These outdoor tanks are insulated and heated to handle the liquid cooking oil and residual solids. Transporting used cooking oil to the tanks is facilitated by an oil shuttle. The tanks have a screen over the opening for debris filtration and an anti-theft lock for security. Optionally, a sensor can be installed to monitor oil levels in these containers, providing additional convenience and control.

Standard System

Standard cooking oil systems include bulk containers to store used cooking oil. These containers are highly durable and leak-proof, with easily accessible lids. Protective screens are placed under the lids to filter out any debris from the oil and ensure that only the oil itself goes into the container. Additionally, a safety barrier is built to protect employees from the hot oil.

Basic Systems

Our team of experts can install a basic cooking oil system in your kitchen that includes the following equipment:

  • Fresh cooking oil tank
  • Used cooking oil tank
  • Electronic control system with remote monitoring and alerts
  • Fill wand and hose
  • Exterior fill box
  • Exterior used cooking oil evacuation port

Custom Equipment

We can design and install a custom used cooking oil system to meet your kitchen’s needs, while providing automated options and standard systems that can be retrofitted to accommodate any establishment. Our custom cooking oil systems streamline your cooking oil disposal process and provide a safer, cleaner working environment.

Oil Transport Equipment

When it’s time to dispose of used cooking oil from the fryers and transfer it to the collection tank, use the right equipment to transport it. Using containers like pots, pans, and buckets may lead to spills and injuries. To ensure safe transportation of the oil in your kitchen, you can use the cooking oil caddy and cooking oil shuttle offered by Mahoney Environmental.