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Many food service businesses need cooking oil for their operations, and proper disposal and recycling of used cooking oil (UCO) are imperative for restaurant sustainability. Commercial kitchens should follow efficient procedures and the appropriate equipment to collect and store UCO, facilitating easy recycling. Collaborating with a professional UCO recycler such as Mahoney (formerly SeQuential) enables businesses to support sustainability by ensuring the collection and recycling of UCO.

Mahoney (formerly SeQuential) provides sustainable waste solutions through its UCO pickup and recycling services for food service businesses. Partnering with us for UCO pickup and recycling reduces frying costs and contributes to sustainable UCO recycling practices. Our services promote a safer environment and back of the house for restaurant employees.

Our Used Cooking Oil Recycling Process

When working with Mahoney (formerly SeQuential), anticipate routine UCO pickups by our trained professionals using top-notch equipment for safe loading and transportation. Once collected from your restaurant, the UCO undergoes the following process:

  1. Used cooking oil is filtered to remove contaminants and heated to eliminate fine particles.
  2. Placement in heated settling tanks to separate water and emulsion from the fryer oil. Evaporation of emulsion to remove remaining water, followed by wastewater treatment to convert organic compounds into carbon dioxide and methane for organic fertilizer.
  3. Separation of remaining oils and solids using a centrifuge.
  4. The oil is tested and screened for salmonella, BES, toxic substances, PCB, and pesticides before shipping to customers with traceability for all materials sold. 
  5. Almost 100% of the collected UCO is sold as a feedstock for renewable fuels.

Benefits of Sustainable UCO Recycling

Diverting Carbon and Nitrogen

Keeping these materials from contaminating groundwater, surface water, and soil.

Repurposing Carbon and Nitrogen

Converting these materials into products to decrease the production of greenhouse gases.

Providing a Safer Alternative

UCO recycling offers a safer, more efficient, and eco-friendly alternative to landfills, incineration, and composting.

UCO Pickup and Recycling with Mahoney (formerly SeQuential)

Committed to sustainable practices, Mahoney (formerly SeQuential) strives to protect the environment, eliminate waste, and save businesses money while creating safer working conditions for restaurant employees. For more information on how we promote sustainability through used cooking oil recycling and tailored services for food service businesses, contact us at (800) 892-9392.