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How can I keep my grease trap in good condition?

A grease trap is essential for any kitchen, as it prevents fats in the kitchen from flowing into the sewer lines. On a regular basis, the grease trap must be emptied to prevent grease overflow into the sewer lines, causing grease build-up and clogged sewer lines. A clog will shut down your kitchen! Cleaning a grease trap is messy, odorous, and a time-consuming task. Let our skilled technicians handle the dirty work so you can focus on running your establishment. Here’s some practical advice to avoid grease trap issues.

What you can do...

  • Ensure solidified fat like bacon grease goes in the trash and does not go down the drain

  • Set up regularly scheduled grease trap maintenance with Mahoney (formerly SeQuential) by signing up today

  • Hire a plumber to annually jet your outgoing plumbing line system

  • Replace your grease trap gasket periodically to avoid long-term issues

  • Install strainers in your kitchen sink to prevent excess debris from entering your plumbing

What to avoid...

  • Placing heavy items or equipment on top of the trap lid which will cause unnecessary pressure on the trap

  • Using harsh cleaning products in or around the trap to potentially remedy odors

  • Putting garbage down the drain such as straws, bottle caps, and plastic cutlery

  • Waiting too long between Mahoney (formerly SeQuential) maintenance appointments

  • Pouring used cooking oil and food waste down the drain

Need grease trap service earlier? Have a question?

We are committed to delivering outstanding support when you require it. Our dedicated team is at your service live, Monday to Friday, 7:00 am to 5:00 pm, with limited weekend hours. Count on our rapid response and effective solutions to meet your needs promptly.

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Restaurant Resource

Access our downloadable and printable resource, a comprehensive guide highlighting our recommended practices to maintain your trap in good condition between services. Simply click here to obtain the resource, conveniently hang it up in your kitchen, and rest assured, knowing you’re equipped with the knowledge to keep your trap in tip-top shape.