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Collect. Refine. Refuel.

Mahoney (formerly SeQuential): Leading the charge against climate change! Our unwavering mission is to provide dependable and sustainable grease management solutions, empowering you to create a positive environmental impact.

As a premier used cooking oil collector nationwide, Mahoney (formerly SeQuential) partners with thousands of food service establishments to gather their used cooking oil. In collaboration with our parent organization, Neste, we employ innovative practices to convert this oil into low-carbon renewable fuels. Additionally, we offer comprehensive grease trap cleaning services throughout the region, simplifying your grease management requirements by relying on a single, trusted vendor.

Let us ignite your sustainability journey. Trust Mahoney (formerly SeQuential) as the reliable vendor committed to transforming your grease into low-carbon domestic fuel. Together, we can combat climate change and forge a lasting, meaningful difference.

Annual Environmental Impact


Carbon Tons Reduced


Trees Planted


Lanfill Tons Reduced

Our History

Our company’s roots trace back to Mazzi’s Italian eatery in Eugene, Oregon. It was there, in 2001, that Ian Hill and Tyson Keever crossed paths and ignited a shared vision for a greener future. Bonding over their love for the environment and the great outdoors, they recognized the pressing need for a sustainable approach to energy generation. In 2002, SeQuential was born, and has since been acquired by Mahoney on 01/01/2024.

In the early days, we sold homemade biodiesel from the back of a pickup truck, one barrel at a time. As we traveled countless miles and fostered meaningful connections, our dedication grew stronger. Today, we proudly collect millions of gallons of used cooking oil annually, transforming it into renewable fuels. Our model has expanded nationwide, allowing us to make a significant impact in the collection and recycling of used cooking oil.

From humble beginnings to a nationwide endeavor, Mahoney (formerly SeQuential) remains committed to our mission of environmental stewardship and sustainability.

In 2023, we proudly joined forces with the global powerhouse, Neste, to propel our mission of fostering a more sustainable world to new heights. This partnership amplifies our commitment to creating renewable fuels and driving positive change.

At Mahoney (formerly SeQuential), collaboration has always been ingrained in our DNA as we strive to revolutionize the energy landscape. We stand among a select few companies in the United States that handle the entire process on a large scale – from collecting used cooking oil, refining it into high-quality renewable fuels, to refueling vehicles, fleets, and fuel stations within our communities.

By seamlessly integrating each step, we deliver a comprehensive solution that sets us apart. It’s through these strong partnerships and our unwavering dedication that we’re able to create a better energy model, advancing sustainability on a grand scale. Join us in shaping a brighter future for generations to come.

Our Teams

Service Technicians

We have a robust team of dedicated Service Technicians that work hard every day to keep your kitchens in tip-top shape.

Account Managers

Our Account Management team loves to help grow our service network and take care of our customers!

Customer Care

The Customer Care representatives are available to help you promptly address all of your grease management needs.

Choose SeQuential

Join us in embracing a superior energy model that offers renewable solutions, exceptional service, and a promising future. Experience firsthand the power of sustainability by becoming a part of our thriving ecosystem. Contact us today to start recycling your used cooking oil and entrusting us with the maintenance of your grease traps. Together, let’s forge a path towards a greener and more prosperous tomorrow.

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