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Collect. Refine. Refuel.

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SeQuential, together with our parent company Crimson Renewable Energy, is the only large-scale biodiesel producer in Oregon, and one of the leading used cooking oil collectors on the West Coast.. We collect used cooking oil from all over the region and transform it into biodiesel – a cleaner, ultra-low carbon fuel that offers a 50% reduction in harmful particulate matter and hydrocarbon emissions, and a carbon footprint up to 85% smaller than petroleum diesel.

Fries In Cooking Oil

The oil we collect from our Northwest partners is taken to our production facility in Salem Oregon, while oil collected from partners in California is taken to our Crimson Renewable Energy plant in Bakersfield. We also offer grease trap cleaning service throughout the region, allowing you to use a single vendor for all your grease management needs. We provide highly superior service combined with flexible contract structures and pricing to meet the needs of our customers.

truck hauling SeQuential biodiesel

As a part of Crimson Renewable Energy, we form the largest integrated used cooking oil collection and biodiesel production and marketing footprint on the West Coast, delivering an all-in-one solution for collecting used cooking oil and refining it into biodiesel. We take pride in our innovations and efforts to collect used cooking oil and greases from thousands food service establishments, and locally produce highly sustainable, ultra-low carbon fuels.


In many ways, our company was born in the same place our products begin: the back of a restaurant. Mazzi’s Italian eatery to be exact—the Eugene, Oregon pizza shop where Ian Hill and Tyson Keever first met in 2001. The pair shared a passion for the environment, and quickly struck up a friendship over a love for the outdoors and strong belief that there had to be a better way to create energy without harming the planet. SeQuential was formed a year later.

Early on, we sold homemade biodiesel by the barrel from a pickup truck. After thousands of miles on the road and hundreds of relationships forged, we now produce millions of gallons of ultra-low carbon biodiesel each year. And we’ve replicated our model across the west – collecting and recycling used cooking oil throughout Oregon, Washington and California.

Leadership Team

Strong partnerships have always been a part of our DNA. In 2018 we were acquired by Crimson Renewable Energy – the largest producer of ultra-low carbon biodiesel on the West Coast – to take our mission to build a better energy model to a new level. As a part of Crimson Renewable Energy, we are one of only a handful companies in the U.S. handling on a large-scale the process from beginning to end: collecting used cooking oil, refining it into biodiesel and refueling vehicles, fleets, and fuel stations in our local communities.

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If you share our belief that there is a better energy model, we invite you to be a part of that model and to see for yourself how it’s possible to have a renewable product, rewarding service, and a brighter future. Contact us today to join our ecosystem.