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Why Recycle with SeQuential?

  • Our service is completely FREE and easy to set up!

  • All-in-one provider for grease management services

  • Sustainable because we make fuel from food waste

  • Locally sourced to ensure we’re supporting the region’s economy

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Nationwide Coverage

We offer national coverage, with depots across the map to ensure reliable used cooking oil collection services. Our SeQuential Service Technicians ensure excellent service over many locations through a single point of contact. Simple for you so you can focus on running your kitchen!

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If you’d like to begin recycling your cooking oil with Sequential, don’t hesitate to contact us. We also offer expert grease trap cleaning service, so you can rely on a single vendor for all your grease management needs.

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Transform your oil into something better.

We transform your used cooking oil into something better. Since 2008, we’ve been collecting and recycling fats, oils, and grease from thousands of restaurants, universities, stadiums, and more. The renewable fuels we make from your oil are one of the most environmentally-friendly fuels available, so you can feel good about partnering with us. We take the headache out of oil recycling while helping you boost your business’s sustainability factor. All at NO COST to you.

Collect. Refine. Refuel.

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Home Chef Recycling

Are you a home chef looking sustainably recycle your used oil? Learn more about the drop off process and locations near you.

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