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Rising air temperatures, shrinking ice sheets, warmer oceans – the threat of global warming continues to loom, pushing society to find alternative energy solutions that minimize harmful emissions. Along the way, we’ve harnessed renewable fuel, which has been proven to have a significantly lower carbon footprint than its petroleum-based counterparts. Keep reading, and we’ll tell you how renewable fuel can help mitigate the effects of global warming.

Renewable Fuel’s Earth-Friendly Manufacturing Process

It’s no secret that petroleum fuels have their disadvantages. For one, the world’s petroleum reserves are extremely limited, with one estimate expecting the supply to last for just over 50 years – if production remained at 2016 levels. And although more petroleum is being discovered and unearthed, actually getting to those supplies is a costly and often environmentally harmful process.

Creating renewable fuel, on the other hand, is much more straightforward. Plus, the products used to create renewable fuel are primarily plants, which actually convert CO2 – the most prominent greenhouse gas – into oxygen, thus helping to clean the air before the fuel even makes its way to your engine. Companies like SeQuential go a step further, making their renewable fuel out of recycled cooking oils. Because it’s made from recycled, plant-based materials, SeQuential’s renewable fuel offers a carbon footprint up to 85% smaller than petroleum diesel.

The Emissions Comparison

When we do manage to get our hands on petroleum without damaging the environment, its use still produces a great deal of greenhouse gas emissions, which, by definition, contribute directly to global warming.

That’s where renewable fuel comes in. It’s not totally greenhouse-gas-free, but when used in its pure form, it can produce nearly 76% fewer emissions than petroleum diesel. Additionally, renewable fuel use helps slash other harmful emissions, from carbon monoxide to hydrocarbons and beyond. Though it’s not always used in its pure form, incorporating renewable fuel into petroleum fuel blends still makes a considerable impact.

The Bottom Line

While we’ve yet to discover a miracle solution for global warming, renewable fuel offers a sure step in the right direction. Contact SeQuential today to learn more about our products and services or to discuss the role of renewable fuel in the push for a brighter future.

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