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Maintaining your grease trap is an important part of managing a restaurant. If you fail to stay up to date on your maintenance schedule, you could face hefty fines and cause major issues for your kitchen. At SeQuential, we provide grease trap services to food service establishments located throughout the West Coast, including Seattle, Portland, Sacramento and San Francisco. Give us a call at 1 (800) 447-3794 to schedule a grease trap cleaning service, so you can keep your restaurant kitchen running smoothly.

Full Grease Trap

Grease traps can fill up quickly. If you’ve forgotten or neglected to check your grease trap on a routine basis, you may start to notice water backups in the sinks or drains attached to it. If the grease trap has been full for a significant period of time, you’ll also need to check for clogs in the crossover, as well as in the incoming and outgoing lines. You should consult a licensed grease trap service provider to pump out and clean your trap.

Blockage of the Flow Restrictor

A grease trap flow restrictor, or flow limiter, slows the water entering the grease trap to promote proper flow. Over time, hardened grease can coat this component, causing drainage issues. If you experience improper draining even after cleaning the trap, the flow restrictor could be the culprit. Your best bet is to call a service provider for a professional assessment.

Clogs in the Incoming or Outgoing Lines

If the entire grease trap system isn’t working, it’s likely that you have a clog in the incoming line. This is caused by an excessive buildup of cooking fats, oils, grease and other particles. On the other hand, if the incoming line is clear and you’re experiencing overflows in both compartments, the outgoing line may be clogged. As a result, cooking fats, oils and grease may be coating the inside of your pipes, resulting in drainage issues and even a complete blockage in the outgoing line. Depending on where the clog is, you may need to bring in a plumber to clear out all the lines.

The best way to avoid issues with your grease trap is to have it regularly serviced by a professional pumper. SeQuential’s experienced service technicians can help prevent grease trap issues before they even have a chance to emerge. Contact us today to set up a grease trap maintenance schedule or to learn more about our services.

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