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Throughout the West Coast – from Seattle, Washington down to San Francisco, California – SeQuential collects used cooking oil from restaurants, universities, zoos, food processers and home chefs. After it leaves your restaurant, you may be wondering: where does all that waste oil go?

Collection and Refinement

The first step of the process involves you – SeQuential collects used fats, oil and grease (FOG) from your food establishment or the designated drop-off location. Then, we hit the road in trucks fueled by renewable fuel, and transport the oil waste to our regional production plant in Salem, Oregon. Using our certified refinery process, we turn your used cooking oil into sustainable, low carbon renewable fuel.

The Final Product

After your unusable used cooking oil waste has been turned in to renewable fuel, it gets distributed to retail pumps, truck fleets and local oil partners. Renewable fuel products are locally sourced, which means that we have the lowest carbon footprint of any diesel alternative in the region. Bioproducts, such as glycerin, boiler fuel and salt cake, produced during our refinement process are sold back to the community.

It All Starts with You

Be the change you wish to see in the world with something as simple as recycling your used cooking oil with SeQuential. Whether you manage a restaurant or use cooking oil at home, recycling this waste product is not only easy, but it makes a positive impact on the environment. Plus, we provide free used cooking oil collection services for food establishments, and home cooks can drop off their oil waste for free at one of our drop-off locations.

To learn more about the SeQuential process or to set up a collection schedule, call us now at 1 (800) 447-3794 or sign up online.

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