Second-Life: A Closer Look at Our Bioproducts

July 14th, 2018 |  Blog and Used Oil
French Fries In Oil

What would you say if the vegetable oil your fast-food French fries were cooked in could fuel your car? At the SeQuential production plant in Salem, Oregon, turning used fry oil into environmentally friendly biodiesel is what we do every day. Here’s how we give used fats, oil and grease (FOG) a second life.

Step 1: Collection

Across the West Coast, SeQuential collects and recycles FOG from thousands of partners, including fast-food joints, restaurants, universities, grocery stores and food processors, as well as home chefs. We provide these commercial establishments with a cooking oil collection container, and pick it up on a regular schedule at no cost. Home cooks can also recycle their FOG at one of our convenient oil drop-off locations.

Step 2: Refinement

After we collect used cooking oil, fats and grease from local restaurants and businesses, it’s transported to our Salem, OR production plant. Using our proven and certified process, we convert the FOG into sustainable bioproducts. What can’t be turned into biodiesel, glycerin, salt cake or boiler fuel gets put back into the system, making our process virtually waste-free.

Step 3: Refueling

After leaving our refinery, the biodiesel is transported to SeQuential biodiesel stations and other retail stations that sell our fuel. It’s also distributed directly to truck fleets to support our local economy. Our bioproducts, on the other hand, are sold back to our community. Glycerin, boiler fuel and salt cake are often used in industrial, manufacturing and residential applications.

Impact of Our Process

Although used cooking oil can be disposed of in a variety of ways, SeQuential believes that this valuable commodity is essential for creating the fuel of the future. Besides saving FOG from the landfill, our unique process creates biofuel that produces 76% fewer greenhouse gas emissions than petroleum diesel. Plus, since we source our FOG locally, we’re proud to have the lowest carbon footprint of any diesel alternative in the region.

Choose SeQuential Biodiesel

Whether you’re looking to recycle your old cooking oil or purchase biodiesel for your fleet, turn to SeQuential. To learn more about our products and services, contact us today.