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SeQuential and many other alternative fuel producers around the world strive to take advantage of cooking oil that would otherwise go to waste during our production process. That’s why we actively partner with local individuals and businesses alike to collect their used oil – it’s easy for them, and it’s convenient for us. But did you know that recycling used cooking oil might also lead to rebates? We’ll outline how the system works.

Recycling Cooking Oil

Here at SeQuential, we’ve partnered with the PURE program to streamline the collection of the used cooking oil we use in our sustainable, low-waste production process. PURE stands for Producing Useful Renewable Energy, and this sentiment is demonstrated by the program’s track record of success.

Once your oil is collected, we’ll determine your rebate by identifying how much of the oil is usable. It’s generally safe to expect that around 80% of the total volume you provide can be used, though the exact amount will vary with each collection. Your rebate will be paid based on the usable portion. Bear in mind that you’ll be paid monthly if you’ve earned rebates of $20 or more, while rebates under $20 are paid quarterly.

Who Can Recycle Cooking Oil?

Eager to put your used cooking oil to good use and earn money in the process? Recycling cooking oil is a great move. And if you live in the Pacific Northwest, there’s a good chance that you’re within the SeQuential collection area.

But the best part is that whether you’re a private homeowner or a nationwide business, we’ll be happy to take care of your used cooking oil with minimal effort on your part. To date, we’ve already partnered with universities, stadiums, grocery stores and several other types of businesses up and down the West Coast. We’re even fully equipped to provide grease trap cleaning services and line jetting services to all of our restaurant partners to help keep your establishment in compliance with key regulations.

Earn Money with Used Grease

Don’t let a valuable resource go to waste – contribute to a brighter tomorrow and earn rebates by recycling used cooking oil with SeQuential. Call us at 800.447.3794, or contact us online to get started.

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