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Whether we’re partnering with restaurants to clean grease traps and collect used cooking oil, restaurant or working to fuel a massive fleet of heavy-duty trucks, SeQuential strives to be the best at what we do. That’s why we’re proud to be a part of the Preferred Pumper program in the Pacific Northwest. Learn how our Preferred Pumper status makes us one of the region’s premier provider of grease trap services.

What Is the Preferred Pumper Program?

The Preferred Pumper Program was developed to promote a higher standard for grease trap cleaning services. Adherence to this standard benefits your business by reducing the likelihood of sewer backups and potentially extending the life of your grease-related equipment. The program is also designed to help partner businesses comply with the numerous grease-related regulations in the Pacific Northwest.

To take advantage of the Preferred Pumper Program, you must call us and set up a regular grease trap maintenance schedule. We’re part of the program, so you can rest assured that we’ll deliver the high-quality, attentive service you deserve.

What Separates Preferred Pumpers from the Pack?

We’ve mentioned how Preferred Pumpers are held to a higher standard than your everyday grease trap cleaning service provider, but what makes Preferred Pumpers stand out? We’ll outline some of the most notable details of the program below.

  • Preferred Pumpers work with community sewer agencies to agree upon set cleaning and reporting processes that minimize the burden placed upon your company.
  • As part of the Preferred Pumper Program, we handle the reporting and communication with your local sewer agency. If you’re not using a Preferred Pumper, that parts on you.
  • To become part of the Preferred Pumper Program, grease trap cleaning companies must also commit to standards outlined by the program itself. These include strict discharge prohibitions designed to safeguard the environment while providing thorough, effective cleaning and maintenance.

Why Choose SeQuential as Your Preferred Pumper?

Choosing SeQuential as your grease trap service provider does much more than simplify the process for your business. It also grants you an opportunity to put your waste to good use. Once we’ve cleaned your grease trap and collected your used cooking oil, we’ll siphon off the useable parts and send them to our refinery, where they are turned into low carbon renewable fuel. The rest is taken to local digesters, where it is used to make renewable energy. Learn more about renewable fuel, or call SeQuential at 1 (800) 447-3794 to schedule grease trap cleaning services today.

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