Trends in the Biofuel Industry

October 26th, 2018 |  Biodiesel and Blog
Biofuel Production Plant

The rise of biofuels as a viable alternative to petroleum-based gas has led to the creation of an entire industry. While this industry has now been prominent for many years, it continues to evolve as biofuel research progresses and new sources of energy are sought. Discover a few of the most notable trends that have already or will soon gain traction in the world of biofuels, and reach out to SeQuential today to learn more about our biofuels.

  1. 1. Biodiesel use will increase its global reach thanks to the implementation of fuel-related laws.

Many countries around the world have already created laws that aim to ensure a certain percentage of fuel produced in that country is made from renewable source. Some countries – the U.S. included – even offer tax incentives to encourage biodiesel use as well as other alternatives. These trends will likely spread far and wide throughout the next several years, and even those nations with more lax fuel laws are expected to adopt stricter policies as time passes.

  1. 2. Biofuels will be created from new and exciting sources.

Numerous organizations are constantly hard at work searching for other ways to create the energy required to power vehicles and other machinery. SeQuential, for example, creates biodiesel from used cooking oil, and these types of fuels are known as first-generation biofuels. Second-generation biofuels, which are created from cellulose present in wood, corncobs, straw and other non-food crops, are also commercially available. Third-generation biofuels are created from algae, and this method is still being perfected. What comes next is anyone’s guess, but it’s likely just around the corner.

  1. 3. Biodiesel prices should drop as its use becomes more widespread.

The law of supply and demand applies to every industry – biofuel included. So, while high-quality biodiesel was considerably less common even a decade ago, innovations in the production process and a mainstream acceptance of alternative fuel types have led to a much more generous supply of biofuels around the world. In turn, prices have dropped, helping biodiesel become more competitive than ever before.

The Future of Fuel

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