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SeQuential has spent years creating low carbon renewable fuel that’s used in diesel vehicles all across the Pacific Northwest. But while using renewable fuel in vehicles is a great start, there are many other applications where this environmentally conscious diesel alternative can have a big impact. Here, we’ll explore a few of the most common.

Heating Systems

For people with oil furnaces, renewable fuel is a great alternative to traditional heating oil. In addition to having a significantly lower carbon footprint, renewable fuel burns much cleaner than diesel heating oil or natural gas AND can be used in your existing furnace. It’s best to introduce renewable fuel gradually by starting with low blends, but over time, you’ll typically be able to use higher renewable fuel concentrations without a hassle. Renewable fuel’s solvent capabilities will not only help clean out sludge that has built up in your system, ultimately requires you to clean your filters less once that sludge is cleared out. Long-time SeQuential partner Genesee Energy is a great resource for information on heating your oil with renewable fuel.

Electrical Generation Equipment

The majority of the electricity used in the United States is generated with help from three power sources with clear adverse environmental effects – coal, natural gas and nuclear. Renewable fuel can be used effectively for small-scale electricity generation as a way to green your operation. More and more organizations are using renewable fuel generators for this purpose as the technology becomes more widely accepted.1

Oil Spills

It’s easy to assume renewable fuel’s sole use is powering machinery, but the fuel has also proven effective in cleaning up oil spills. Why? It’s because the substance features methyl esters, which are known to help reduce crude oil viscosity, therefore allowing renewable fuel to serve as a helpful solvent. Of course, that leaves renewable fuel in the water, but its higher buoyancy makes it much easier to remove once the crude oil has been dissolved. Bonus? renewable fuel itself is less toxic than table salt, so it causes no additional pollution when used in this way.

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