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One of the biggest hassles restaurant owners and other businesses face is the disposal of used cooking oil. Failure to do so properly can have serious consequences for the environment and your bottom line. Fortunately, SeQuential can help by offering the opportunity to recycle used cooking oil. We transform those leftover oils into our signature low-carbon renewable fuel, a nontoxic and eco-friendly form of fuel. Check out four reasons why you should recycle your used cooking oil and contact us today for collection information.

  1. Protect the Environment and Your Community

When used cooking oil is disposed of improperly, it poses a threat to the environment and has been linked to health issues caused by noxious fumes, contaminated soil and tainted water supplies. Used cooking oil recycling is a great way to ensure these kitchen waste products stay out of the local environment, eliminating their potential for harm.

  1. Avoid Facility Damage

Failing to follow best practices for the disposal of used cooking oil is known to cause sewer blockages and other plumbing problems, as sewage systems are not designed to filter out fats, oils and greases (FOG). Sewer and plumbing problems caused by improper oil disposal can lead to a halt in normal business. Regularly recycling your oil with SeQuential’s free collection service will avoid the risk of costly repairs and protect your community’s sewer lines from significant damage.

  1. Reduce Legal and Financial Risk

Recycling used cooking oil isn’t just the right thing to do for the environment – it’s the smart thing to do for your finances. Many municipalities impose strict guidelines for the disposal of used cooking oil in response to its environmental and infrastructure impact. Businesses that fail to adhere to these standards can face costly fines and legal ramifications. Proper recycling, however, avoids these issues and shows your commitment to your community.

  1. Support Local Green Fuel

Increasingly popular throughout the West Coast, eco-friendly renewable fuel is proven to have a carbon footprint up to 75 percent smaller than petroleum diesel. Used cooking oil recycling is essential in the production of this revolutionary fuel. We source all our used cooking oil from local businesses to make renewable fuel. By recycling your used cooking oil you’re also helping to bolster our region’s economy.

Trust SeQuential

Thousands of restaurants and businesses choose SeQuential to take the hassle out of used cooking oil disposal. We’re proud to be part of the Preferred Pumper Program and to offer qualifying businesses rebates for cooking oil based on location, quality and quantity. Ready to learn more? Call SeQuential at 1 (800) 447-3794.

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