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The first thing that a sports fan notices upon entering the stadium is usually the heavenly aroma of freshly prepared foods wafting from concession stands. As many traditional game-day treats are fried, you’re well aware of the large quantities of used oil left when the game is over. If your facility needs a responsible, economical way to dispose of used oil, turn to SeQuential’s free used oil collection service.

The Importance of Recycling Used Cooking Oil at Stadiums

Whether your venue only has a few concession stands or dozens, you must have a strict recycling plan for your used cooking oil to be in compliance with local regulations. Though cooking oil itself is not a hazardous substance, the failure to dispose of it properly could result in serious consequences, including:

  • Environmental damage from spills or leaks that enter sewer systems and water treatment plants
  • Expensive plumbing issues from solidified grease poured down a drain
  • Fire hazards resulting from the improper disposal of used cooking oil or inefficient clean-up of spills
  • Fines due to improper management of used oil

Our Process Makes It Easy

With more than 10 years of expertise in recycling used cooking oil from stadiums, SeQuential will provide custom tailored service as well as free collection containers for your facility. Our team will work closely with you to determine a collection frequency that best suits your game and event schedule. If you find your containers are filling up faster, we can schedule additional collection times at absolutely no cost to you. We’ll also ensure your kitchen and equipment are kept clean during the entire process.

Once we collect your used oil, it will be transported to one of our local refineries and transformed into renewable fuel. Our fuel is eco-friendly and nontoxic so you can take pride in using our service knowing that your stadium’s used cooking oil is contributing to the production of a sustainable alternative to traditional fossil fuels.

Start Recycling with SeQuential

Used cooking oil doesn’t have to be a hassle with the right partner on your side. To speak to a representative about our free used cooking oil collection and recycling service, contact us by calling 1 (800) 447-3794. When you do, be sure to ask about our rebates available for clients in select locations who produce a sufficient quality and quantity of oil.

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