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Nobody looks forward to dealing with a grease trap. After all, it’s usually full of waste you’d rather not think about. But what exactly is the substance inside? The ”stuff” that collects inside your grease trap is referred to as FOG, and if not properly managed, it can have serious consequences for your pipes, the local sewer system and the environment.

What Is FOG?

Grease trap FOG refers to fats, oils and greases. The compounds found in FOG are derived from vegetable, plant or animal sources and consist of triglyceride and glycerol. Simply put, used cooking oil at food service establishments yields two different types of FOGs:

  • Yellow grease: The result of deep frying that is inedible and unadulterated, SeQuential can provide a storage container for restaurants to recycle their used cooking oil (yellow grease)
  • Brown grease: FOG that floats, settled solids and associated wastewater

When poured down the drain, FOG cools and hardens in sewer lines, causing blockages, costly repairs, fines and environmentally hazardous pollution. Sewers are not designed to process grease trap FOG, they may overflow, releasing unsanitary bacteria and odors into area roads, homes and businesses. This is a major issue across the United States, and millions of dollars are spent each year on unclogging sewer pipes blocked by FOG. Improper disposal of FOG is a fire hazard, threatening your building, surrounding neighborhood and everyone at your establishment.

Health Risks

Excess FOG can take a toll on the health of your employees and your customers, as the noxious fumes of FOG become rancid and harmful to breathe. These fumes attract insects and other vermin, making your kitchen an unsafe and unhealthy environment for cooking. Plus, that terrible smell will linger in your restaurant and potentially disrupt the experience of your customers.

An excess of FOG in a grease trap can also cause wastewater overflow, resulting in water contamination. When this occurs, water is no longer safe for drinking, food prep or washing dishes and can result in serious illness for staff and customers alike if not properly resolved.

How We Can Help

Since 2002, SeQuential has provided expert grease trap cleaning services to help West Coast restaurants and food service businesses safely manage grease trap FOG. Our team works with local grease inspectors to help keep your establishment safe, healthy and in full compliance with local regulations. To learn more, contact us online or call 1 (800) 447-3794 for more information about our grease trap cleaning services.

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