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Many people think of petroleum fuels as the only choice when it comes to fueling. It’s easy to see why, with many vehicles using this fuel and filling stations on every corner. Luckily since 2002, when SeQuential introduced the West Coast to high-quality renewable fuel, it’s simpler than ever to choose an alternative to petroleum fuel. In fact, renewable fuel offers a solution to a number of modern problems, from environmental harm to health risks and more. If you’re considering renewable fuel for your personal vehicle or professional fleet, we’ll explain some of its top advantages over petroleum to help you make the switch.


Neste’s low-carbon renewable fuel is entirely renewable because we make it locally, out of used cooking oil. Our renewable fuel is a sustainable form of energy that we’ll always have access to – no mining, drilling or fracking needed. Collecting and refining this used oil also helps protect the environment by preventing sewer blockages and overflow that can contaminate soil and water, and by avoiding land use concerns that come with growing crops on a large scale. The refining process is designed to reduce environmental impact, and any unusable byproducts are stored in our system to minimize harmful waste.

Reduced Emissions

According to the California Air Resources Board (CARB), renewable fuel as a form of automobile fuel can significantly decrease both tailpipe and lifecycle carbon emissions. Using renewable fuel also greatly reduces exhaust emissions that include carbon monoxide, sulfates, unburned hydrocarbons and other harmful substances. This means cleaner, more breathable air today and for future generations.

Additionally, one of the top renewable fuel advantages is its cleanliness, as it emits up to 75 percent fewer overall greenhouse gas emissions than petroleum diesel. In fact, renewable fuel has the lowest carbon footprint of any diesel alternative found on the West Coast.

Public Health

In addition to the health benefits of cleaner air and water, the health problems commonly associated with petroleum diesel exposure are reason enough to choose renewable fuel. These risks include:

  • Irritation to the eyes and nose
  • Breathing problems including asthma, respiratory irritation and lung disease
  • Headache, nausea, dizziness and other effects on the nervous system
  • Increased blood pressure and lowering of the blood’s ability to clot

While these issues may not affect the average consumer, businesses that rely on diesel to fuel large fleets can reduce health risks for employees by turning to renewable fuel.

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Whether you’re interested in renewable fuel for the family car or a fleet of trucks, SeQuential offers solutions to accommodate individuals and businesses throughout Washington, Oregon and California. Learn more about our used cooking oil collection and renewable fuel refining processes, as well as wholesale renewable fuel for businesses and where to find filling stations throughout the West Coast. Questions? Call 1 (800) 447-3794 today for more information.

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