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Your favorite fried meal was a complete success, but now you’re faced with the task of properly disposing of the used cooking oil. Dumping used cooking oil down the drain can cause many costly problems and tossing it in the trash causes havoc on the environment. As someone who cares about the environment, you wouldn’t dare dump it down your drain or carelessly toss it in the trash. We’re here to help. SeQuential has dozens of cooking oil drop-off locations across the West Coast, so you can safely recycle the oil. We also offer fee-free collection services for restaurants and other businesses to take the hassle out of removing oil from their kitchens. To learn more, contact SeQuential today.

Why Drop Off Your Oil

While used cooking oil itself is not hazardous to your health, spills and leaks can cause great harm to the environment should they enter sewer systems, waterways or soils. Properly disposing of your oil not only prevents this risk, but also minimizes odors in your home and keeps your kitchen in tip-top shape. When you recycle your oil with SeQuential, you are supporting the production of a sustainable form of energy, as all the oil we collect is transformed into our local, nontoxic and eco-friendly renewable fuel.

How to Drive It Safely

When you’re ready to drive your used cooking oil to one of our drop-off locations, there are a few simple precautions you should take to ensure safe transport. The steps include:

  • Carefully pouring oil into a sturdy container with a reliable seal, such as an empty milk carton
  • Securing your containers before starting your drive by placing them in a cardboard box and keeping them flat on the floor of your vehicle, not your seats
  • Bringing a friend or family member along for the ride to ensure your containers stay in one place
  • Always observing the speed limit and taking turns extra slow to prevent your carton from tipping over

If a spill does occur within your vehicle, use absorbent pads or sprinkle the oil with sand or cat litter before sweeping it into the garbage. After removing the oil remnants, you can then toss your floor pads into the laundry without fear of oil seeping into your plumbing and causing more damage.

Find Your Nearest Location

As the longest-running commercial renewable fuel producer on the West Coast, we offer dozens of cooking oil drop-off locations in Oregon, Washington and California, including the Portland, Seattle and San Francisco metro areas. After dropping off your used cooking oil, we turn it into renewable fuel. To find a convenient drop-off location near you, view our map or call 1 (800) 447-3794.

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