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A lot of thought goes into your customers’ choice to do business with you. Whether you’re an event facility with a small kitchen, or part of a national fast food chain, they’ll be more likely to be loyal to your brand if they know you’re striving to be more sustainable. Recycling your used cooking oil is an easy way to begin adopting more sustainable business practices. Here’s a look at how doing so with SeQuential will enhance your clientele’s appreciation for your company.

Appreciating Sustainable Practices

A growing number of people want to support businesses that share their values. Care for the environment is a top concern for consumers across the West Coast. Increasingly, these customers are looking to patronize businesses that put their money where their mouth is for everything from their handling of waste material to the vendors they choose to work with. When you recycle your used cooking oil with SeQuential’s free used cooking oil collection service, you are showing your customers that you are taking the appropriate measures to protect the environment, including:

  • Preventing unsanitary bacteria from infiltrating into local sewer, water and waste management systems due to improper disposal of used cooking oil
  • Decreasing fire hazards associated with grease dumping and other illegal methods of removal
  • Avoiding noxious fumes from sewer blockages that could affect the health of everyone in your building
  • Keeping your kitchen and building sanitary by recycling used cooking oil, which will keep vermin at bay and prevent spills
  • Adhering to local regulations for the disposal of used cooking oil
  • Supporting the development of a clean energy economy, by recycling your oil into low carbon fuel.

Noticing Employee Actions

We’ve all had experiences where the actions of one employee tainted how we felt about a company. This is even more likely to occur in the hospitality industry. The last thing you need is for customers to see someone on your staff improperly disposing of cooking oil by carelessly tossing it into the trash, onto the grass or down the drain. On the other hand, if customers see our SeQuential collection container on-site to help you recycle used cooking oil, you’ll communicate the following:

  • That you’ve take the time to educate employees on best practices for used cooking oil disposal
  • That you share their values of protecting the environment

Supporting the Production of Renewable Fuel

Once your customers learn where your used cooking oil is going, they’ll appreciate your business even more. When you recycle used cooking oil with SeQuential, you are contributing to the production of our low carbon renewable fuel. With a carbon footprint up to 85 percent smaller than petroleum diesel, renewable fuel has already displaced more than 470 million pounds of CO2! The benefits of renewable fuel include:

  • Emissions reductions – renewable fuel emits 75% fewer greenhouse gasses than traditional fossil fuels
  • Easy to use – renewable fuel can be used to fuel vehicles, machinery, farms, boilers and more with no engine modifications required
  • Reduced health risks – renewable fuel lowers the risk of asthma, lung disease and other health conditions commonly associated with diesel exhaust exposure

Start Recycling Used Cooking Oil Today

Businesses with commercial kitchens can face hefty fines for the improper disposal of used cooking oil. It’s important to stay a step ahead to prevent that – and environmental harm – from ever happening. When you partner with SeQuential to recycle your oil, we will work closely with you to set up an oil pick-up schedule that fits your needs. We provide the collection containers and haul-away service for free – all you have to do is place the oil in the container. We also partner with local grease inspectors to ensure you’re always in compliance. For more information, contact SeQuential today.

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