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There’s no shortage of cooking oil in most restaurant kitchens, where it’s used for everything from the deep fryer to sauté pans. Figuring out what to do with the oil after you use it can be a difficult problem to solve, but there is a simple solution. Restaurants that participate in a recycling program for their used cooking oil receive a host of benefits that extend from their business to the health of the environment. As a member of the used cooking oil recycling movement, SeQuential has put together some of the most helpful benefits that restaurants will receive when they decide to start recycling used cooking oil.

No More Clogged Pipes

Disposing of used cooking oil in the proper manner is vital to keeping operations at your restaurant running smoothly. If cooking oil is not disposed of properly, it can wreak havoc on your kitchen. Pouring cooking oil down the drain causes several consequences to your plumbing system, including cracking your pipes and corroding your grease traps. Cooking oil that collects in your pipes can harden and expand, causing blockages that will require expensive repairs.

Recycling used cooking oil provides a simple alternative. With the free recycling container you will receive as part of the program, used oil is neatly collected and kept far from your drains. The oil will be picked up at a designated time that fits your schedule, then carried away without hassle.

Helping the Environment

As a business owner, you can play a role in creating a better community around you by recycling your used cooking oil. Recycled cooking oil is used to create renewable fuels, a sustainable and locally sourced alternative to petroleum diesel. Renewable fuel has a much lower carbon footprint than standard fuels, in many cases up to 85% smaller than that of petroleum. This fuel source also has a higher cetane rating and better lubricity, which helps engines run better while experiencing lower wear during operation. It can also help extend the life of your engine. By contributing your used cooking oil to help produce renewable fuel, you are playing a part in improving the environment and providing a better fuel source for drivers across the Pacific Northwest.

Explore Restaurant Cooking Oil Recycling

As the operator of a restaurant, it’s easy to see why recycling cooking oil is in the best interest of your business. If you’re ready to get started with cooking oil recycling, contact SeQuential today. We’ll schedule your first pickup, provide a container, and give you everything you need to start now.

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