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Many types of food businesses use cooking oil, but the amount that is produced depends on several different factors. If your commercial kitchen participates in a used cooking oil recycling program, knowing how much oil you produce is helpful so you can schedule pickups at the correct time and not let your container fill up too quickly. In order to accurately determine how much cooking oil your business is using, consider these factors outlined by SeQuential so you can always be prepared.

The Rate of Re-Use

There’s a good chance that cooking oil is re-used in at least some cases in your kitchen. This is a great way to reduce your overall usage and make the most of your oil before it is recycled. For example, the oil in deep fryers can be used for a few different batches of food before you have to recycle it. This can limit how much oil you have to buy and eventually dispose of.

However, if you choose to re-use your cooking oil, make sure to always be vigilant about how it looks and smells. Each time cooking oil is used, its smoke point drops, making it easier to break down and become rancid. If the oil starts to smell bad or if there is a large accumulation of food particles in the oil, it’s time to recycle that batch and start fresh. When trying to figure out how much cooking oil you use, make sure to factor in reuse.

Find Your Busy Times

When you have more customers ordering food, you’ll likely produce more used cooking oil. Busy periods can happen during the course of a day, but that short time probably will not cause a huge impact on your cooking oil usage. Instead, take the long view. Are there certain times of the year in which you attract more customers? Maybe you operate a restaurant located in a beach town that is busier in the summer, or a concession stand at a football stadium that is only open regularly during the fall. Keeping track of when you receive the most business from customers will help you determine how much used cooking oil you will need to have recycled.

The Type of Business

How much cooking oil you produce is also directly dependent on the type of food you make. Certain cooking methods use large amounts of oil, which will increase your consumption, while others require less or none at all. If your business serves a lot of deep-fried food, you will probably be using a lot of cooking oil. Restaurants that sauté or stir-fry foods will also use plenty of oil. On the other hand, if your restaurant serves little hot food or focuses on healthy, low-fat dishes, there’s bound to be less oil. So, consider what is on your menu when figuring out the amount of oil you use.

Take Everything into Account

Running a business can be unpredictable at times, but if you keep these factors in mind, you can come up with an accurate estimate of how much cooking oil you use. This will allow you to create the best schedule for your commercial cooking oil recycling service to empty your container. At SeQuential, we will work around your schedule and consumption habits to have your used cooking oil picked up. If you are interested in starting to recycle your cooking oil at your business, please reach out to us in order to learn more.

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