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Deciding to recycle your used cooking oil is an admirable choice that will help your local community and environment. If the kitchen you work in is small, you may struggle to find places to store your oil. Instead of giving up on used cooking oil recycling, SeQuential has put together some tips for you to keep in mind when thinking of places to store your used oil. By following these ideas, you should be able to free up space while achieving your environmental goals.

Use the Same Containers

If you are planning on reusing your cooking oil multiple times, then you must find the right containers to hold the used oil until the next time you need to use it. The best containers to use have a tight, sealable cap and are made from plastic or glass. Coincidentally, that describes the containers that cooking oil comes in exactly. By putting the oil back in its original container after it’s been used, you can reduce the amount of shelf space you take up since you won’t have to use separate containers for the new and old oil. Also, you will be reducing your plastic consumption by reusing the container for storage.

Strain Your Oil

Before you put your used cooking oil into its container, make sure to strain it through a thin cloth or coffee filter. This will help you in multiple ways. First, by getting rid of small chunks of food that were picked up during the frying process, you will reduce the amount of space that the oil takes up. Also, removing these food debris will help the oil last longer in storage. The leftover food will start to rot and smell, making anything prepared with the oil taste less than ideal and could potentially cause food borne illness. Make sure not to skip this step as you recycle.

Know Where to Store Your Oil

Being aware of the proper conditions of oil storage can help you narrow down locations where you can keep containers of used oil. Oil is best kept in cool and dry locations, so keep it away from your ovens or other large appliances that give off heat. It can also be refrigerated or frozen, so if you have extra space in your freezer, that’s a great place to put it. The colder the oil remains, the slower it breaks down and the longer you can keep it before use.

Have the Oil Collected

The best way to free up space is to get the used cooking oil out of your kitchen entirely. SeQuential offers used cooking recycling services that provide a free oil collection container that you can keep outside. All of the cooking oil we collect is turned into sustainable and local renewable fuel, so your contribution will have an even greater impact on the environment. If you would like to conserve space in your kitchen and get set up with a cooking oil container from SeQuential, contact us today.

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