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Los Angeles is home to thousands of restaurants, each of them relying on cooking oil to prepare food. That adds up to a lot of used cooking oil, even before factoring in educational facilities, entertainment venues, and other commercial food prep sites. If that oil were improperly disposed of, it would have serious consequences for the environment and the city’s infrastructure.

That’s why Los Angeles, like so many cities, established best management practices for the disposal of used cooking oil – including recycling. If your business needs help to get rid of this kitchen waste, SeQuential explains everything you need to know about used cooking oil recycling in Los Angeles.

Connect with SeQuential

Cooking oil recycling is a new idea for many people, but it’s business as usual for SeQuential. We’re the West Coast’s longest-running renewable fuel producer, transforming everyday oils used for cooking into efficient, clean fuel. In the fall of 2019, we began serving Los Angeles and Southern California by adopting customers previously served by So Cal Grease.

Recycling used cooking oil with us is simple – just call 1 (800) 447-3794 or send an email to [email protected] to schedule a meeting with an account manager. We will learn more about your business and how much used cooking oil you produce, provide you with a collection container, and create a pickup schedule to help you get started right away.

Used Cooking Oil Collection and Storage

Once your oil collection container has been dropped off, you can begin storing oil for recycling. To do so, follow these important tips for safety and success.

  • Allow oil to cool to below 100 degrees before pouring it into the container
  • Strain out any solids, such as bits of fried food, crumbs, and other waste
  • Regularly scrape the container’s grate to remove built-up food particles
  • Keep the container free from all other waste

It’s also important to educate your team on proper use of the oil collection container. Emphasize the need to avoid spills and overflow, as this can lead to slippery, unsafe conditions. If a spill occurs, be sure to clean it up right away to prevent slips and falls.

Guard Against Theft

Your outdoor cooking oil container should always remain locked . While used cooking oil is just waste to many, it’s a valuable commodity due to a steadily increasing demand for biofuels. In fact, thieves have made millions of dollars on the sale of stolen cooking oil.

We provide a lock to every customer to help guard against this theft. However, you must use only the provided lock to ensure your oil can be collected during your scheduled pickup. Keeping your container locked is also a great way to prevent the disposal of any other waste inside.

Set a Pickup Schedule

As you can imagine, transporting used cooking oil is a hassle. Restaurants and other businesses typically lack the time and equipment to haul containers to a recycling center. At SeQuential, we make oil collection simple with custom pickup schedules tailored to fit your needs. If your needs change, we’ll adjust accordingly.

If you produce a higher volume of oil than expected, simply notify customer service. You can store any excess oil in buckets or pots, and we’ll remove it the next time we empty your collection container.

Learn More About Cooking Oil Recycling in Los Angeles

From food trucks and cafes to arenas and shopping malls, any business that uses cooking oil can support a greener future by recycling with SeQuential. If you’re ready to learn more about cooking oil recycling in Los Angeles, contact us today. We’ll provide everything you need to properly handle used cooking oil and contribute to a cleaner, healthier planet.

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