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There are many benefits to recycling your used cooking oil with SeQuential. It cuts back on waste, puts less strain on drainage and sewer systems, and supports the processing of renewable and clean-burning fuel sources. But how do you get started with recycling? As the most tenured commercial renewable fuel producer on the West Coast, SeQuential explains who can help with restaurant oil recycling near you and how to choose the best partner to recycle with going forward.

Who Recycles Used Cooking Oil?

To find nearby services for the recycling of used cooking oil, contact SeQuential to help get your business set up with service. We collect oil from local partners, refine it into renewable fuel and distribute across California, Oregon, and Washington. Compatible with any engine that burns regular diesel, renewable fuel reduces greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution, giving individuals even more reason to recycle their used cooking oil.

How Do I Choose a Recycling Partner?

There are a few different factors to consider when deciding on an oil recycling partner like SeQuential. These include:

You won’t be charged.

SeQuential offers free oil recycling. We provide a free collection container for you to store your oil in and will come on a scheduled time to pick it up.

Pick-ups are routinely scheduled.

Running a restaurant is hard work. It is important to make sure to choose a company like SeQuential that will pick up your used cooking oil reliably and, on your schedule, so you can be confident in the company and your recycling routine. The best companies will also provide some flexibility to adjust pickup schedules as your needs change.

The company is experienced.

Many years of experience are a great sign that a company knows what it’s doing. The longer a potential partner has been in business, the more expertise they have, and the more you can trust them to perform their jobs well.

An oil storage container is provided.

You don’t need much equipment to recycle your cooking oil since collection is a pretty simple process. Look for companies like SeQuential, that will provide you with the few things you do need, like a container to store used oil cleanly and securely, to make it easier than ever to get started.

The company provides other services.

Finally, while it isn’t essential for a recycling partner, other services are a big plus. SeQuential also offers grease trap cleaning services to their cooking oil recycling partners. This is a great way to maximize your convenience and benefit from the partnership even more.

Start Recycling Today

One company that meets all of these criteria is SeQuential, which serves businesses and those in need of cooking oil recycling throughout the West Coast. At no cost, we’ll provide you with a collection container and set you up on the best schedule for you. To learn more about our complimentary used cooking oil recycling services or to get started, contact us today.

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