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Disposing of waste cooking oil is an eternal struggle for commercial and home chefs everywhere. It’s one of the most unpleasant kinds of food waste to deal with, and dumping it unwisely can have some disastrous consequences. On the West Coast, SeQuential is an expert in used cooking oil recycling and proper disposal. The next time you cook, use this advice from our team on how to dispose of waste cooking oil correctly with minimal mess or negative outcomes.

The Cost of Improper Disposal

When you cook at home, it’s essential to resist the temptation to pour waste oil down the drain. This might seem like an easy solution, but it has severe consequences. Improper oil disposal, like dumping down the drain is illegal and dangerous. The grease congeals into a lump that clings to your pipes. If this happens enough, you can get a pretty severe drain clog. The results are backwashes, flooding, and an expensive plumbing bill and hefty fines – not to mention damage to ecosystems, nasty smells, and more.

Plan It Out

To avoid the inevitable consequences of improper cooking oil disposal, make sure you have a good plan set up of how you will be disposing of your used oil before you get your fryers going.

Recycling Your Oil

The easiest way to manage your used cooking oil disposal is to have it picked up by a trusted vendor, Like SeQuential. We collect used cooking oil to recycle and transform into renewable fuel. This is a clean-burning, ecologically friendly alternative fuel that’s both safe to use and affordable. By recycling your oil, not only are you disposing of it safely, but you’re also contributing to an effort to combat climate change and pollution. Just follow these steps:

  1. Cool oil completely before storing to ensure your safety.
  2. Pour oil into your SeQuential collection container.
  3. We will come collect your oil when your bin is getting full. We provide flexible pick-up schedules to fit your business’s needs.

We then transport the used cooking oil from your restaurant to one of the facilities where it will be transformed it into renewable fuel. The whole process is easy, free, and safe for your plumbing and the environment.

Recycle Used Oil with SeQuential

Home chefs and business owners alike have avoided the pitfalls of improper cooking oil disposal for years by partnering with SeQuential. We serve the communities all over the West Coast. To learn more about used cooking oil recycling services, contact us today.

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