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Running a commercial kitchen is difficult. There are dozens of things to keep track of every day, from ingredients and supplies to profits and waste. Luckily, there are partner companies out there that can help you simplify your tasks. Companies like, SeQuential make disposing of your kitchen’s used cooking oil and grease easy and stress free. Here, we explain how to handle commercial kitchen grease removal with no cost or effort.

What Not to Do

Every year, fast food restaurants alone produce billions of pounds of used cooking grease. That’s not even counting the grease from other commercial establishments, like food courts, restaurants, or stadiums. All this grease needs to go somewhere – but how do you get rid of it?

Unfortunately, disposing of grease can prove difficult. Simply pouring your kitchen’s used cooking oil down the drain might seem like an easy solution, but it’s not a smart one. Dumping oil is illegal and is extremely damaging. The grease may be liquid when you pour it, but it won’t stay that way. It’ll eventually congeal into a hard mass that collects other debris and fats, forming something called fatbergs.

Fatbergs cause immense damage as they grow. They clog pipes or even cause them to burst, leading to flooding, backwashes, broken systems, and rising repair bills. They’re also environmentally destructive, as floods and backwashes drive sewage and chemicals into the surrounding areas and ecosystems.

Professional Removal Services

Instead of disposing of your kitchen grease yourself, consider hiring a professional. Finding a trusted service partner that will collect your used cooking oil responsibly can see like a large task. Luckily, there is SeQuential. We collect used cooking oil and recycle it into renewable fuel, a clean-burning, green alternative to petroleum diesel fuel. By choosing to partner with SeQuential, not only will take care of your disposal needs, but you’ll also help in the fight against climate change.

With many disposal partners on the market, it’s essential to choose the right one. There are a few different factors to consider when deciding on an oil recycling partner, including:

  • They don’t charge you for your oil.
  • They show up to pick-ups reliably and on your schedule.
  • They provide the equipment you need.
  • They offer other services, like grease trap cleaning.
  • They have many years of experience.

Partner with SeQuential for Grease Disposal Services

SeQuential will collect and recycle used cooking oil at zero cost to your establishment, and we’ll also provide you with a secure and sterile storage container for free. Our team will arrange a schedule for grease pick-up based on your needs and oil output. Once it’s all set up, all you need to do is store your used cooking oil – everything else is handled for you!

We won’t just take care of your used cooking oil, we also offer grease trap cleaning services to keep your kitchen FDA-compliant. To learn more about partnering with SeQuential for commercial kitchen grease removal, contact us today.

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