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Grease traps are an essential feature in all restaurants, but that doesn’t mean they’re convenient. Dealing with a trap yourself is a messy process that might seem like a distraction from everything else you need to accomplish. But it’s necessary. Not only do state and local regulations require cleaning, but failure to do so can lead to some unpleasant consequences. Here, learn from SeQuential why regular restaurant grease trap cleaning is so important.

Keeping Your Restaurant Healthy

A significant reason grease traps need to be cleaned regularly is for the health of your restaurant’s staff and patrons. As the grease sits in the trap, it slowly rots and turns rancid. This results in strong odors near your trap, but more importantly, it becomes a health risk.

When you’re preparing food for customers, you do your best to keep the area clean of contaminants. You eliminate pests, clean the preparation area, get rid of expired ingredients, and more, all to be certain that your food is safe to eat. You should do the same with your grease trap to ensure your food isn’t prepared near grease gone rancid. Likewise, your employees will appreciate not having to work around potentially toxic fumes.

Maintaining Your Trap’s Effectiveness

Grease traps need to be cleaned regularly to keep them working effectively. If your trap hasn’t been cleaned recently, you might start to notice drains aren’t as quick to empty. That’s because the water is being slowed down as it passes through your grease trap. As the fat and grease accumulate, there’s less and less room for water to pass through.

When your drainage system slows down significantly, it’s time to clean your trap. Failure to perform grease trap maintenance service regularly can have serious consequences. In the best-case scenario, your grease trap simply starts to malfunction. Eventually, however, you’ll be cleaning up floods and spills from overflowing traps. There’s also the risk that fat and grease make it past the trap and into your pipes. This can result in expensive repair bills for the clogs, floods, fines from inspectors, and backwashes that could result.

Schedule Regular Grease Trap Cleaning

Thankfully, you don’t need to clean and empty your restaurant’s grease trap by yourself. Ensure that your trap is cleaned routinely without effort to you by partnering with SeQuential. With our restaurant grease trap cleaning services, our experts will keep your grease traps in peak condition so you can focus on your business. We partner with local grease inspectors to ensure that you are up to code. We serve the local areas up and down the West Coast. To learn more or to get started, contact SeQuential today.

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